Braun Flex XP 5614 Rechargeable Electric Shaver


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Braun Flex XP 5614 Rechargeable Electric Shaver
It works so well, you wont recognize yourself afterwards
$35.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Keeping a cleanly shaven face is easier said than done. But it really is easy with Braun’s Flex XP Electric Shaver! This terrific shaver features a 3-stage shaving system, pivoting head that adjusts to the contours of your face and an XP ultra speed motor - giving you one of the closest shaves you’ve ever had.

Encased in contemporary black and silver, the shaver is tapered to fit the hand, has soft-touch side panels for a secure grip, and rinses clean. The three-stage cutting system consists of two foils with a trimmer between. The first foil cuts stubble and the second foil cleans up anything left behind. A pop-up trimmer tames those out of control mustaches and sideburns.

XP ultra-speed 7800-rpm motor
Flexible Pivoting head
Three-stage system
Pop-up trimmer
Soft-touch grips
1 hour charger for 50 minutes of use
2 function LED charging/low charge indicator
Platinum coated foil
Quick charges in 5 minutes
Auto worldwide voltage adjustment
Replaceable foils and cutters
Cleaning brush
Can be cleaned under tap water
Protective hard case
Environmentally friendly NiHyd batteries
Condition: New, retail package
30-day moneyback from Braun - 2 Year Limited Warranty

Braun Flex 5614 XP Razor
AC cord 110/220 volt
Cleaning brush
Hard travel case

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Braun Flex XP 5614 Rechargeable Electric Shaver


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