Panasonic Wet/Dry Travel Shaver with Trimmer


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Wow… I actually made the first post. Just wow. Too bad this woot isnt that good. Lets get some computer stuff!!!


WOOT-SHIP ™ - In a community like this, some great friendships are made. I have had the honor of making some great friends from here. And I would like to say thanks.

And for those who hate… well… love ya anyway :slight_smile:

OK… time for something special… lay it on us!!! Um… a shaver… okey dokey :slight_smile: It’s a great price and all… but… um… a shaver? No doubt it will sell out though :slight_smile:

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Panasonic Wet/Dry Travel Shaver with Trimmer
To Shave and Shave Nostrils
$14.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Five o’clock shadow looked sexy on Sonny Crockett. It was dreamy on Indiana Jones. On you? Not so much. On a face like yours, a couple days’ stubble doesn’t say “dashing bad boy” so much as it says “destitute Bowery bum.” Have an iota of pride in your appearance and scrape your face, will you?

You can shave wet with lather, or dry like in boot camp with the Panasonic ES3830NC Wet/Dry Travel Shaver. You don’t need a lot of time, money or technical know-how, just a nappy mug and two AA batteries. Panasonic’s double-blade system delivers the cleanest, closest shave you can have any right to expect—even in the shower!

The accompanying nose- and ear-hair trimmer’s ergonomic shaft is sure to earn a smirk from airport security, but the last laugh will be on them: They’ve got repulsive tangles of wiry hair sprouting from their ears! Their nostrils are choked with cilia, around which boogers collect, like wax on a wick at Olde Colonial Williamsburg!

No homegrown snot candles for you: boogers will shoot from your slick, hairless sinuses like little green luges.

Panasonic technology lets you fully immerse these gizmos for easy cleaning, so you don’t have to pick the snotty/waxy nose/ear hairs off ‘em by hand.

Unless you want to.


Condition: New, Retail
Shaver model: ES3830NC
Trimmer model: ER411
Single wet/dry pocket shaver with super-thin foil and quality inner blade for a close shaver
Nose/ear trimmer with curved stainless steel blades to eliminate cuts. Easy to clean wet/dry convenience.
Both fully immersible for easy cleaning
Travel pouch
Fits nicely in the hand
Double Blade Shaving System for a Clean, Close Shave
Includes single foil wet/dry shaver
Shave wet with lather or dry
Advanced technology allows full immersion in water
Fine cut shaving head stays sharp and is extremely durable
Also includes nose/ear hair trimmer
Single Head Blade
Power Source: Two “AA” Batteries (not included)
Ultra-thin Stainless Steel Foil
Precisely Angled Inner Blades
Shaves per Charge: (3 min./1 shave) Approx. 30 Shaves
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.9” x 2.3” x 1.1”
Weight: 0.22 lbs


I don’t need this one… Good nite all!!



Electric shavers have never done much for me, other than shred my face. Rotary or foil, it’s all the same…days of redness and pain from one use of an electric shaver. Apparently they work for a lot of people though.

The rotary clippers are great though. Just that would cost you $20 on Amazon, so the deal is good even without the shaver.


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I was hoping for a recertified one - maybe with a pot of gold between the blades. :shock:


That one doodad looks like a vibrator.

Anyway, no thanks


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Yeah how come this thing isn’t rechargeable? Am I missing something? That is a darn good price though considering you get both units! I’m a manual kindof guy myself.

Here is JUST the shaver by itself for $35 plus $9 shipping for a grand total of $44. This IS a great deal.

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Nice woot, batteries sux though. If it were rechargable, i’d go for it…




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I’m a bit fuzzy on this concept…


:shock: We went from Urinal to Nose/Ear hair. OMG! I think we need a contest!


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Good friggin’ grief…

What a crappy Woot!

I stayed up till 10 for this???

Sorry… just had to say it…


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