Remington Titanium Shaver with Smart Cleaning Dock


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WOOT-WAY-OR-ANOTHER™!!! They’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha :slight_smile: Face it… Woot’s addictive… but hey… at least this addiction is legal :slight_smile:

Wow… 1000 units sold of something that has mixed reviews. I think Woot could sell monkey dandruff if the offered it at a low price :wink: Got to love this place!!!

Yes!! Here’s a great Woot!!! I need it to get rid of my 1AM shadow!!! Curse you WOOT!!!

Remington Titanium Shaver with Smart Cleaning Dock
It’s not your father’s electric razor (yet, until you give it to him on Fathers’ Day)!
$59.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Compared to other puss-tonsorial implements, the flaks at Remington say this razor is “sharper,” “faster” and “superior.” They ought to know. They’re in the razor business, after all. Without a doubt, it’s shinier. Look at this thing gleam! With its chrome finish and trio of impossible-not-to-anthropomorphize shaver heads, you’ll feel like you’re rubbing C-3PO on your face.

It’s funny, we were just thinking of Remington’s late owner Victor Kiam earlier this week at our local gentleman’s club. See, we happened to like this particular dancer so much, we purchased her company.

But we digress.

These R-9500s are lovingly recertified by Remington to new specifications including all new shaver heads, and include a One-year Remington warranty.

With more blades than any other rotary shaver, you can count on the Ultra Titanium razor for a faster face-scraping. Its blades are titanium-coated, too, so they stay sharper longer for maximum closeness and comfort. It’s also got a pop-up trimmer for precision shaving and an automatic cleaning unit.

Have you gotten your old man anything yet? This makes a great Fathers’ Day gift! Every time your dad does his daily dermal denuding, he’ll think of you. And not the way he does now, either, gashing himself with his old-school razor and thinking “ah, once again I am losing face. That reminds me of my disappointing progeny.”

Condition: Factory Recertified by Remington
Warranty: 1 Year Remington Warranty
State-of-the-art titanium-coated blades stay sharper longer than stainless steel blades for maximum closeness and comfort
More total floating action than other rotary shavers
More blades than other rotary shavers for closer shaving
More cutting revolutions per minute give this rotary more power than other rotary shavers
Easy-view pop-up trimmer precisely grooms sideburns, mustache and neckline
Cleaning and charging base
55 minutes of run time
Chrome finish
Model No. R-9500
Smart Cleaner – Automatically cleans, charges and renews your shaver to keep it delivering Maximum Closeness and Comfort, day after day.
Cleans – The automatic system jet-cleans stubble and debris from the shaver heads. Disposable filter keeps solution clean.
Charges – Shaver automatically charges when placed in the base
Renews – Not only cleans, but also lubricates blades to optimize your shaver’s performance every day.
Simplifies – Indicator light tells you when the system is charging, cleaning, or needs to have its solution replaced.
World’s first shaver with state-of-the-art TITANIUM-coated blades – stay sharper longer for Maximum Closeness and Comfort, shave after shave! Guaranteed.
Performance – Titanium coating keeps blades sharper longer than stainless steel.
Responsive – More total floating action* than any other rotary.
Fast – More blades than any other rotary for a fast shave
Close – Ultra-thin heads get blades extra close to skin
Power – More cutting RPMs than any other rotary
Precise – Easy-View® pop-up trimmer precisely grooms sideburns,mustache, and neckline.
Durable – High-quality chrome finish withstands the rigors of shaving and cleaning.
Ultra-advanced electronic system simplifies your shaving experience with these select features:
Shaving Time Remaining
Head Replacement Reminder
Time to Recharge Shaver
Quick Charge 5 minutes = 1 Shave 60 minutes = Full charge
60-minute Run Time for Up to 3 weeks of cordless shaving
Cord/Cordless Shaving for use with or without cord
Worldwide Travel – Automatic worldwide voltage and Deluxe travel pouch
Accessories Included:
Travel pouch
Cleaning Brush
Power Cord
Cleaning Fluid
Cleaning Base


[size=18:aed2f0fed9]scruffy![/size:aed2f0fed9] i buy one of these yay!

$70.35 has been charged to your credit card.

Thank you for your business. Woot!

In a few short years, I’ll be old enuf 2 shave. :roll:


Thanks. I need a shave! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! I would get this if I didn’t already have one. Great value too.

My review on the shaver:
This shaver is better than average. The one catch is the fact that for as long as you own this shaver you will be buying the cleaning cartridges. I think the manual says that it should be replaced every 6 months (don’t hold me to that) but I have found that it actually lasts shorter than that (2-3 months, the shaver system tells you when it’s low on fluid). The refills are about $5 each so that’s another 20-25 dollars a year. Also the heads are fairly expensive, but the same goes for any good rechargeable. As far as noise, it’s not exactly quiet, but it’s not as loud as most of the other shavers I have owned.
The last thing I have to say about it is the cleaning function. This is a great function and you can tell the difference between when it has been cleaned and not. The one bad thing is that because there is oil in the mixture (to lubricate the shaver heads) if you use it within a few hours of cleaning, the oil residue gets on your face and it doesn’t exactly feel good. But if you just wipe it off or wait a full day in-between it should be fine.

Overall I would say this is a great buy.

Hope this helps everybody and happy wooting!

(BTW, for those of you worried about it being factory referb, all the blades and other parts which should be sanitary are replicable so I would think that Remington replaced those with new parts and maybe just fixed some of the internal workings of either the shaver or the cleaning system.)


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3 piece mystery speaker set purchased from W00T a couple weeks ago.
Ok, a lot said, and only 15+ hours to kill. AND THEY STILL CANNOT GET OVER “P”!

Now the fine print: I will ship DHL, so no P.O. Boxes and must be in the lower 48 (NO MEXICO is NOT a STATE!)

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The Woot’s just ain’t what they use to be :frowning:


first page!

[quote user=“wootie and the woots”]scruffy! i buy one of these yay!

$70.35 has been charged to your credit card.

Thank you for your business. Woot!
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or ask technical questions about this item.[/quote]

$59.99 for the razor + $5 for shipping = 64.99

$70.35 - 64.99 = 5.36??? Where did that come from?


woo hoo first page. don’t need it. just waiting for my receiver - chuchai is in the house!!!


$49.99 starting bid on ebay… A little to much


i will never stray again!


“Condition: Factory Recertified by Remington”

u sure thats okay for a shaver?


I wish it was a foil.


… a factory recertified razor? …


yawl got deals on any factory recertified condoms?


Lots of hairy wooters?


Yawn… I like my beard…

No razor fo me.


All of these shavers are the ones that had to be refurbished because I damaged them by shaving my pubic area. :oops:


Nice price…not for me.


oh this sux
not even a braun

I’ll never get speakers :evil:


Let’s review… STARTING bid on fleabay… what’s the condition? New ? Used? How many people are going to be able to buy one?

Consider all the facts before shooting down a darn good deal…