Norelco 6616X Rechargeable Electric Shaver


Welcome to the Woot-off item #23 topic page for this product on Friday, January 21st, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here…


I believe we have a new [color=red:cd50f70243]Consecutive First Post Woots [/color]Record!!!

10 in a row, besting the previous mark of 9 set by Cyberlore.

Whatever happened to that guy anyway?



[size=24:52f92f55c3][color=red:52f92f55c3]This ringtoss guy is getting as irratating as cyberlore. Infact the cyberlore guy was hated on so much I’d bet that ringtoss is cyberlore under a newer account.[/color][/size:52f92f55c3]

[size=18:52f92f55c3]Same writing characteristics and font/color choices?
Any comments?[/size:52f92f55c3]



Time for bed.


Time for bed.


Sweet! I needed one of these!




Did my eyes deceive or did I see a brief flash of an OUTDOOR ADVENTURE thingie that was offered or is going to be offered on WOOT? Yet, there is no history of such a thing during this WOOT-off …yet…

I grow dizzy with the sheer selection of WOOT currently. THANKS, GUYS!

–Adrian in Dallas


What was that? Outdoor Adventure Kit - 24.99, then an electric razor? Is the Adventure Kit coming back?


ok guys, I took one for the team and bought one of these.

Hopefully they won’t stick around as long as those damn phones from last night.

No more suck ass woots in mass quantities in the box please


I saw it too. It consisted of:

  • a hat of some sort
  • a flashlight
  • a wet/dry vac

I refreshed, and it was gone…


I too saw the adventure kit. I was at the purchase screen but when I clicked purchase. it sent me to the razor page. Whats the deal??


I’m very dizzy…my first woot-off, and I only saw from item #11 on…

Not hairy enough for this…please, someone buy these up…wanna see what’s next…



It was three items:

  • A super bright flash light. Something like thousands of candle power. AC/DC powered
  • A rechargeable wet/dry vac
  • A Woot hat.

No picture.


First page? First page!!! :smiley:


:cry: D**M, Missed the speakers AGAIN!





The woot-off has now come to a screeching halt. Much like it did earlier today with the Dick Tracy watch. Maybe it is the time factor and people are on their way home from work or eating some dinner. Maybe all the freaks sitting and hitting refresh don’t need to shave. Who knows. This one may be the last one for the night though folks, unless it starts to get hammered with people that need a razor really bad. Only time will tell.


This would sell fast if they attached speakers to it.