Bravo Farms ''Tulare Cannonball'' Cheese

Bravo Farms “Tulare Cannonball” Cheese
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Explosive
product(s): 1 Bravo Farms Farmstead Cheese “Tulare Cannonball” 2.5 lbs.

No CT links, but “explosive” cheese frightens me. :slight_smile:

Looks good! I might have to get some. Anyone have any more info. on this?

ok. how does one go about keeping 2.5lbs of cheese fresh for any amount of time??

Yum yum. Can’t wait. KICKING myself for not having gotten in on the Bleu Cheese last time. Thanks WD! In for three…


YESSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssss… :wink:

Turd-Lare? Ha ha ha. the cow capital of california

OK, what’s with the hat?

For any questions on the quality of this cheese, which is very high, refer to the discussion board for the previous deal where it was discussed. It received high praise from all reviewers.

Labrat Cheese Review

That description makes me incredibly hungry…

This cheese and Bravo’s other cheeses look SO tasty…in for 1 and I may have to join their cheese club as well.

Ooooh. White Monkey Prize in our future!

Wow, $16/lb for cheese if you get one? I don’t spend that much on steak! Though to be true to my Van Der Rijn heritage, I’ll probably get one at the end of the week.

This seems very intriguing, anyone tried it before?

Is this actually worthwhile? 2.5 lb for $35 + $5 shipping v. the Bravo Farms 3.5 lb for $48 and $0 shipping (from what I can tell)…

Don’t get me wrong. The cheese sounds delicious. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the price or if I should hold off and order direct at a time when I know I’m going to have company and it will all get eaten…

seems like a marginally better deal than buying directly from the merchant.

i guess the deal is buying 2.5# instead of 3.5#?

I get the feeling that people aren’t going to read the information and buy this thinking they are going to get the wine. Hope it’s not too big of a problem.

woah, a mill sighting:

Bravo Farms “Tulare Cannonball” Cheese
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a huge ball of cheese from woot… hrmm… very tempting.

No. -5 points for not reading the text on the picture.

(and it’s an EMPTY bottle of Monkey Prize, too)

Darn, I was hoping for a sampler pack of several of their cheeses

Look for the labrat reports on the Dusty Valley wines. Hopefully, they will have links to the labrat reports on the First Page of the Dusty Wine forum.

The labrats all got the cheese as well as the wine. Reports on the cheese were positive.