Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker

I hope these have great reviews… I’ve got a stash of coffee beans that would make a doomsday prepper jealous and this would keep me from investing in those stupid K-Cups.

fingers crossed

Damn you Woot. I finally decided that I didn’t need to spend $200 on this thing and removed it from my Amazon wishlist. Now I have to buy it. THANKS A LOT!!

That coffee pot is gorgeous. Really. If I had $140 to spare and didn’t already have a great coffee pot, I would be all over this.

But… I just don’t want to have to explain such a purchase to the hubby.

HURRAY for whomever is lucky enough to get this. :slight_smile:

Pretty darn good reviews on Amazon, 4 star average with almost 130 reviews.

The coffee maker comes with an integrated burr grinder already. =)

Yeah these are good, but I’m always sketch with internal grinders. Never met one that didn’t make a mess or wasn’t a pain to clean. Of course it is a Breville, so you know it is made like a tank.

just bought one of these and got it today, thanks amazon.
it will be getting returned since this one is $70 cheaper!!
really good deal here even if it is refurb

will this arrive by xmas??
it doesnt say like the other woot sites so i assume maybe?

Good video showing the Breville in action and highlighting the features.


FYI, according to the Breville website, the carafe is 60 ounces (5 ounce cups). I have wished for years that Capresso would make something in their Coffee Team Plus line with a 12 cup capacity. What’s more, I believe they go by a 4.5 ounce cup, so this Breville 12 cup actually has 33% higher capacity than the Capresso 10 cup. I also like that the hopper holds 8 ounces of beans.

I’ve had good luck with a Breville Panini press, but not with one of their toasters, but this is too good to pass up.

In for one!

No promises. You can look for the tag on the main sites to see if an item will make it in time.

UPDATE: looks like they’ve updated the photo to show that it will arrive in time.

Save some $$$ not having to buy a separate burr grinder. Does anyone know if the burr grinder has a adjuster to change the type of grind. This a must have since the it greatly affects the taste. Internal burr grinders scare me…Didn’t see any adjustment dial in the pictures…On the edge…

As far as I can tell there is no way to adjust the grind.

I like the look and what i can do but I’m not a fan of the noise. Does anyone know if when you put the (Pre-ground) coffee in does it make that LOUD grinding noise?

The grinder is preset to the optimal size and can be turned off when
using pre-ground coffee.

I didn’t see one either. I almost never use that adjustment on the Capresso we have now, so I figured we could live without in exchange for the larger capacity.

According to the manual, one of the settings when you select brew strength is for pre-ground coffee. This disables the grinder. See the note on the bottom of page 15.

Does this come with a gold-tone filter and a cleaning brush?

The Woot listing mentions only the coffee maker and carafe, but the Breville site says new ones also come with the filter and brush. Any brush could clean it, but not any permanent filter would fit it.

From the specs “•Gold Tone Filter
•Cleaning Brush for Grinder
•Coffee Chute”

I have this coffee maker and love it. It comes with a gold filter or you can use a paper filter. if has a built in burr grinder that you can not adjust but you can adjust the taste and how strong the coffee is. You can also use a paper filter if you prefer. The burr grinder is loud where i am scared it will wake up my baby but it could be worse. So far i am very happy. Also with the built in burr grinder it has a stop where it will not allow steam in the coffee. Overall i really love this product.

Holy Crap! It does exist!! I have been searching for a coffee maker for over a year that combined the following features: built in grinder, thermal carafe and 12 cup capacity. And I had despaired that such a thing existed. Merry Christmas to me!