Camp Chef Pellet Grill - 2016 Model Black

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Camp Chef Pellet Grill - 2016 Model Black
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I have the older model of this and I love it. Much easier than the traditional smoker. Just make sure to line the bottom tray with foil, makes it much easier to clean when the time comes. I use the Traeger brand pellets from Costco and it works great.

you guys have the wrong picture for this. the pg24se looks just like this but doesn’t have a chimney.
i bought this grill recently & it works good. I’ve used it a few times already & am happy with it.

The description says that’s new for the 2016 model.

Plus it says “SE” right on the front in big white letters.

How are these for everyday cooking? Burgers, steaks, brats,…

what fuel is used for the burner

This is just an ok grill. I bought one six months ago through Woot. NEVER AGAIN!
Damaged, probe didn’t work, little or no support from Woot or Camp Chef! Woot made their pitiful offer of a 10% refund or ship it back…Really? what a pain. I would recommend buying local for an item like this.

Wood pellets.

They only get up to around 500 degrees so not great for those but they just came out with a searing box add on that uses propane and gets up to 900 degrees. Perfect for reverse seared steaks!

Bought mine on Woot a couple of weeks ago. when it arrived it had shipping damage to the pellet box. called Camp Chef, sent them some pictures and they sent a new pellet box the same day. Great working with their customer service department. Love this cooker!!!

Same here. Got mine several months ago and it’s never smoked enough for my taste (smokes amazing amounts when starting but never gets anywhere near that when cooking at any temp). Woot said to talk to Camp Chef, Camp Chef said “if it gets up to temp then it works properly”. I feel like a smoker should smoke, silly me. Now I have to put wood chips in foil on top of the heat shield just to get actual smoke. I know a couple of people with Traegers that have no problems producing smoke.

It’s still the wrong picture.

It says the 2016 Model now includes a smoke stack

For those of you who want more smoke. I use this product. It uses the same type of pellets you use for your grill. It works great.

Got IT!! I see it now.

So these are basically knock-offs of the Traeger brand Lil’ Tex Elite pellet grills. And for $300 I don’t think it’s worth it. If you’re patient and keep your eyes open, you can find a someone running a deal where you can get the real thing for not much more. About a year and half ago I got one via Cabelas that included a cover for about $350.

For those of you new to pellet grilling, it’s really less grilling and more outdoor baking. All heat is indirect. No more hot/cool spots to account for. You pretty much put on your choice of food, close the door, wait X amount of time, open and serve. Figuring out the X time for your preferred taste is the only real factor. Fortunately if you buy a Traeger brand (man I should get commission here), it comes with a “cookbook” which gives sample recipes and can act as a guide start figure out what that X time is for each type of food.

About the only downside is if you like that sear on your meat. That’s about the only thing they don’t do. However, a quick couple minutes with a pan on the stove and you’ve accomplished the same thing.

As far as cost to operate goes, pellets are actually a little cheaper than gas. That said it actually costs me more because my meat bill has gone up considerably since buying this.

I got the PG24LTD when it was offered on Woot but it had more features and cost more ($460). Been using it to smoke fish (Copper River salmon and peppercorn Steelhead). I use the integrated temperature probe that came with it. I also use another temperature probe unit that I had so I can monitor both the thick and thin pieces of fish. The probe is a nice feature that this offer doesn’t seem to have plus I don’t think this offer has the warming tray and front shelf that clips on the front. Probably can be purchased from Camp Chef, but the probe is an integrated feature and I didn’t see the button for it on this offer! My unit worked great for me in winter (20s) and now when it’s in the 60s. My unit is very heavy and has square metal legs with wheels on one side. This offer looks like the legs are tubular which looks cheap. The reason it would be a concern for me is that we have had some high wind storms that blew over my old large grill three times. My PG24LTD was right next to it and never moved!! Don’t think this offer has one, but you can probably get it from Camp Chef. If you want a cover, the best price I found was from Cabela’s and also stocked up on pellets around Black Friday (Camp Chef makes their models). For the person that said he didn’t get enough smoke: the unit cycles smoke on and off. So if you want more smoke, set the unit at a lower temp setting and you’ll get more smoking time, then turn it up to get the final internal temp. Remember most of the smoke goes up the stack and out the openings. Be sure to check on the pellet hopper occasionally because I almost ran out of pellets once. I also removed the screws for the hopper grate so I can change out to different pellets and move the pellets to the middle when it gets low. The grate is a safety feature to keep large objects away from the auger - like fingers or non-pellets!! I may put longer screws partially into the existing holes then set the grate on top. I love my unit. Going to try brisket and a pork butt in the coming months.

Pellet grills are for the birds. Bear in mind that these require an AC powered motor driving an auger to continuously feed the pellets. These motors, which bear in mind are operating in a very high-temperature environment, are notoriously unreliable. Then you’ve got this stupid auger which can get jammed. Traegers are notoriously flakey. Yes it sounds great in concept, but stick to gas, it’s so much simpler. Not to mention that gas grills are truly portable, work during power outages, and that propane is easier to find refills for than pellets.