Cathedral Ridge Pinot Gris - Three Pack

Cathedral Ridge Pinot Gris - Three Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: White
product: 32007 Pinot Gris

Link above is to CellarTracker.

I was right!

And the winery web site is here.

Good guess Pio!

Cathedral Ridge Pinot Gris - Three Pack
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MaskedMarvel - Back on top! The world is as it should be…

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I would love a bottle but three? Cannot justify. At least my wallet is safe this time, but damn I do miss being able to split with someone local.

Nice guess, Cesare!

Guess I missed first sucker… the site wouldn’t load for about 10 secs, but ready, willing, and able to rat. :wink:

This and a BOC make MM a happy boy. Happy New Year everyone!

******** Can this be shipped to Georgia? **********

GA isn’t on this winery website list:
“Cathedral Ridge Winery CANNOT ship to the following states:
Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah.”

Just askin’ if GA is eligible for Woot’s offering??

Never could resist a fine looking pale-face.

Hello wine.wooters, I’m thinking of buying a cheap (but good) wine fridge. Any recomendations? I found this one at best buy for $90

Does anyone have this? Is it any good? Will my sparkling Iron Horse and Mumm wine fit in there? Thanks for the help.

Lighting up Wyoming.

Have a good day!

This is from the same maker who made the elusive Monkey Prize, isn’t it?

Mmmmmmmmm…Monkey Prize.

I have a 6-bottle cooler from JC Penneys Cooks. It is very hard to keep the temp stable, and if the power goes out, even for a second, it doesn’t restart. So I got this from Best Buy: and I love it.

In for 1. Looks interesting! :slight_smile: Maybe the 'rat gods will bless me.

Is it really???

Michael Sebastiani is winemaker here and also at Generations of Sonoma which produced the Monkey Prize.
Thanks for pointing that out.

I recenlty went through this process as well, there is a thread that has been discussing this for the past 30+/- months, I recommend starting at the back:

How good is this deal?

This one will make you feel like a Cathedral Ridge wine club member – even better once you factor in shipping.

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