Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain & Napa Valley Cab - 2 Pack

Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain & Napa Valley Cab - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 2005 Napa Valley Cornerstone Cabernet Sauvignon
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Bought this in the last Wootoff (I think it was towards the end in that one too), but it was one '04 Howell Mountain and one '05 Napa Valley. Haven’t opened either of them yet though. Would be interested in notes if people have them.

Now were talkin…this is a pretty fantastic bottle…wait I tried the Napa have not tried this one yet.

:edit: The Napa was full bodied long finish cassis blackberry’s and leather tannins needs a little time.

Yeah, I thought there was a 2004 in there last time.

Edit: Same question as gcdyersb below - is it both Napa Valley, per the description and write-up, or one Howell Mountain and one Napa Valley, per the title and picture? Inquiring minds…

A bit unclear here–is this two '05 Napa Cabs, or is one an '05 Howell Mountain Cab?

They both look like the '05 Napa.

From what I can tell the offer is for the 2005 napa cab. X2. the offer title is incorrect.

The picture shows both labels, but the 'scrip says just the Napa. I’m betting Woot just threw in the previous pic. (edit - actually, that doesn’t make sense since last time there was an 04).

WD - are you around to confirm?

Well, the written description looks like both '05 Napa’s, the picture however is of the last offering w/ a Howell Mountain and Napa.

Should that say bottled in 2007? Because the math doesn’t work.

October 31, 2005 + 14 days = November 2005.
November 2005 + 21 months = August 2007.

$30 for the 2005 Napa Cab.

I am expecting one Howell Mountain and one Napa Valley per the description and the pic at the top of the page. I don’t know why there is only details on the Napa Valley bottle.

Just popped the cork on the 05 Napa from last woot. Letting it warm up a bit right now, be back soon with a real time rattage…

The picture is not of the last offering, that one was an '04 and an '05 and in the picture they’re both '05.

Well now wait, i just went in for three but thats cause i love Howell mountain. Hmmmm. Woot expect me to read details God forbid?!

My heart (i.e. picture and title) says one of each, my brain (i.e. front page description and Cesare’s post) say 2x Napa Cab.

OK, ran a glass through the venturi and warmed it a bit. On the nose, light red fruit with bit of tobacco and new oak. On the palate more red fruit cherry/raspberry and oak. Dry with a bit of tartness. Quite a bit of tannins on the finish, chewy almost, in fact quite a long finish with full mouth feel and lingering berry. I think I just committed infanticide as this wine is probably a bit too young, it needs to be decanted for longer I think to bring out more fruit. Well balanced wine. In for 2!

You = awesome and enabler. :wink:

Thank you sir! A pleasure to serve…