Derby #11: Cryptozoology


For some animal lovers, the astonishing variety of animal life isn’t enough. No, they need to populate their personal biosphere with unicorns, yetis, chupacabras, Loch Ness monsters, Jersey devils, rocs, griffins, Carolina lizard men, and other apocryphal fauna, just to keep things interesting. And who are we to judge them? So in light of the many animal shirts we’ve sold in the past, we figured it was time to give the pseudo-animals their turn on the sabretoothed catwalk. Everybody get cryptozoological!


dibs on puckering monkeys and penguins and zombies and sasquatches!!


Uh oh… zombie-wildlife-ninjas… monkey-zombies… unicorn-eating-zombie-monkeys…


Let’s see how many Ligers show up.


nice topic.


Ligers are real! Now a flying Liger could be a way to go.


The shirt gods have blessed us all with what will be the kookiest shirt contest ever!
Does American aperrel have a purple shirt?


I’d be willing to put money on the likelihood of rampant livetrace abuse for this coming derby. Seems like it could be fun one though (assuming I come up with a legitimate idea) :).

For those in need of ideas, check out wikipedia’s massive list of cryptids.


What is livetrace? I’m using v5.5 of Photoshop.


What a great derby topic to get duneboo back. I predicting a duneboo sweep of the fog.


Livetrace is a really cool function built into Illustrator CS2 and forward that essentially vectorizes photos for you. You can set the number of colors, accuracy, etc. The effect is similar to posterizing an image in photoshop. Previous to CS2, it was a separate program called Adobe Streamline.

I mentioned it because what with the contest being hybrid animal type things, I can image we’ll be seeing a lot of heads of one thing pasted onto bodies of another thing. Livetrace facilitates that sort of thing with minimal effort on the part of the designer.


Where can i get a list of what American Apparrel shirt colors woot accepts for designs?


all the available colors are in the template provided by woot. if you can’t get it until tomorrow, the colors are:

royal blue
baby blue
kelly green
heather grey

/from memory
//kinda sad


This should be fun.


There’s a template?

Yeah, I’m new to the derby, so what? :stuck_out_tongue:


My prediction: 50 dragon entries.


“Dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!”
Thought I would quote a dragon.

I think that we will be suprised by the veriety of entries this week.


Check this thread for a template containing the available shirt colors. The print-ready file should be no larger than 16" x 20" and should be 300 dpi. This template is basically for the 600x600 pixel shirt comp image.




Does this mean we can get SeaChimp for $10 again :slight_smile: