Derby #23: The Big Do-Over




What will next week’s derby be?

4 random words from the spanish dictionary?

We need a new derby to find out the best theme for a derby I think.


Its Best of week! Lord know I’m not in it!


ooh, there is hope for Puckers of the World!

and Silence of the Pucker!

and Time to Harvest the Ripe Puckers!

and One Big Pucker!

and Mount Puckermore!

and Bat Signal Pucker!

and the Lady Puckerers!

well, not really, but hope springs eternal!



This will be interesting - I hope to see one of my old entries but I doubt it!! I wonder if they’ll enter shirts they like in particular or choose them based on number of votes…


Ohh I wonder if one of mine made it back… GL everyone! I hope I find some of the close calls I wanted.


I can’t say I love how they’re doing this, unless they’re also planning to print their personal favs as well. We’re just going to get 3 4th place designs, and all the others that were looked over will remain as such.


PLEEEESE include Snake Oil! :smiley:

edit I’m almost as nervous waiting to find out if I’m in it as I was that one time I was in the fog!


are u kidding me they did this on perpose to spite me


This should be a fun week! I’m excited to see some of the old popular entries that didn’t win. Good luck to all the runner-ups that were selected for this “Best of Derby”. I’ll be voting for you!!!


i sure hope to see “why we can’t have nice things”


I hope to see Le Tour again. :slight_smile:


Yep… that was their entire goal.


My guess is Old Man Winter may make the cut. Good Luck!


KLS, I wanted to say I LOVED the Martini design! We need more Martini shirts!


Since I have only been around for a few derbies I am sure mine aren’t in there, but it will be neat to see all the glories gone by


Jaden, do a google image search of JadenKale and see the first picture that shows up. :wink:


I agree, here’s a chance to get a shirt that you wanted and it didn’t make the cut, Like the Hitchhiker shirt for example.


maybe they are trying an experiment to see how designs do when they are all on an equal footing (same time submitted, random order, etc). after all, somebody has suggested one or more of those ideas each week in the forum. so maybe they want to see if it’ll work. or maybe they’re just tired of listening to the whining and are hoping this’ll shut us up for awhile. :wink:


Ah, well, it’ll give me some time to catch up on my video gaming.

Did I see somewhere that the people that are chosen for the “best of” received emails letting them know they were in the running? Obviously I did not receive such a note…