Derby #56: Your Favorite Element

The Derby #56 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these **rules for rejection ** compiled by derekfilley anyway.You should also look at this help thread by tgentry.

This derby has an INCIDENTAL TEXT RULE. That means non-focal point text is allowed; no slogan shirts. If it’s the main part of your design you may want to reconsider. The rule was created to allow things like numbers on a clock or text on signs. Ya know, incidental stuff. This rule is also called the STOP SIGN RULE.

Whoa - i was terrible at science, not sure i can do much with this.

riff on the name

please don’t promote the clip art god.

This should be a really fun derby, but I hope we don’t see too many clipart atoms. Too much to hope for? :tongue:

fascinating. I don’t know what to think. Hey, Adder, do you know of any great paintings of an element? ;^)

i guess Strunk & White are out?

I would like to think no one would be so uninteresting to put atomic structures or anything, but I’d never put it past some people.

If only this theme was given to a group of creative people who don’t hack around with clipart, we’d have some interesting stuff.


so can we combine them or do they have to be on there own?


Geez. Not sure how I’ll pull this one off.

so that means i can combine them, right? :tongue:

wish we could

Can’t get too excited for this. Hopefully we will see some great puns.

I think what’s throwing me the most is “focal point.” So you CAN have more than one elements as long as only one is prominent? For instance, one large element bullying multiple smaller elements. And then what constitutes is something is prominent enough or not? So much evil, possibly rejectionable gray area.

And this derby screams for moderate text.

Question - since this is supposed to be our favourite element, does that mean if we submit multiple designs they’ll have to be about the same element? :tongue:

You could always have a change of heart :slight_smile:

I wonder how picky can you be regarding the element…can you use carbon 14 if you want or should it just be carbon.

I thought this might be a theme eventually. Wish I’d begun thinking about it earlier. Hhhhmmmmm…don’t have a clue what I’ll do yet.