Derby entry comments for Derby #545: Aprons

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You can do side bends & sit ups, but please don’t lose that butt…

Just for fun…

Yum! Crepes! Love it!


Not sure this is an available apron color?..

Also not an available apron color. You should resub (on Navy maybe?..)

Collaboration with Walmazan.

Even smugglers gotta eat :wink:

Good one! I need this!

Nicely done!

Haha! This is SO my kids! (And me…) I hope this one prints! :blush:

Haha, love it.

love it! +1

While I agree that many of these would be awesome as shirts. i don’t think you should have included that in the comp… might be rejection bait.


Good stuff. gmv

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yep… this is me…