Derby entry comments for Derby #63: Art as Text

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Doesn’t this make you happy, too?

My simple childlike drawings of the common usage of animals to make up the A B Cs, but I believe there has been a little mixup.

Where’s The Fun?!?

I dunno, but it’s around here somewhere!

Nicely creepy!

HELP! Someone! Please! HELP!

Thanks for visiting, hope you like it!

They look so angry… I like it though. Nice use of the mud.

Just in time for HALLOWEEN!

below are some close ups of the details involved in this design.

Thanks for looking!

Just the first idea that popped into my head. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Ahaha… nice one!

Here is a slightly more detailed view:

Shirt looks great. GMV.


Icandigitshecandigittheycandigit…can ya dig it? can ya dig it, baby?

as starship used to sing(or still does, I don’t know)" rock and roll is good time music" have a listen to it…

That’s awesome. I’d buy this in a heartbeat!

Grr Argh…

Electrifying! I really like the ‘!’ gun. Makes it looks so much cooler.

Do I spy a Joss Whedon reference?? This is very cool - very well done. Nice little creatures =)