Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum

To anyone who has bought a refurb vac from woot… thoughts?

How about a Dyson ball instead of this antique model… huh woot?

Three big ticket items in a row?

Three big ticket items in a row?

Three big ticket items in a row?


$10 less than woot usual?

I’m tired of Vacuum Cleaners, I have no carpet in my house! It seems like there are always so many vacuum cleaners, maybe it’s just me. lol

Got one of these two weeks ago from Woot. Love it.

I remember when woot-offs were cool and had cool stuff.

Video Review:

Yea… vacuums suck :wink:

I bought mine in January of '08 from Woot, I love it and it works just as good today as it did when I got it. I now have a dog and have considered upgrading to an animal but my regular dyson is doing an amazing job keeping up with the dog hair. :slight_smile:

I love my refurb Dyson Ball. Had it for a year or so w/ no problems

I have this vacuum. It is the best one I have ever owned. I have 3 dogs and it gets dog hair out of everything. Love it. Totally worth the money.

Oh crap!!! Speaking of crap have they already had the BOC?

Are you kidding me?

It doesn’t have a ball. I thought a vacuum cleaner had to have a BALL? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO AROUND CORNERS!?!? Sorry for the shouting, but I am suffering from all this unsettling buffeting from my conventional fan.

This is the item I was waiting for. That’s enough woot-off for me.

These are great. I sucked up my kid’s hamster in one. Didn’t even bog down.

Where is the Bag O CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!?

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Shark lift away vac from Woot. Love this vac!! It came to us in like new condition.