Gamo Showstopper 1400fps .177 Air Rifle

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Break-barrel cocking: thumbs down. Accuracy increasingly suffers over time. Otherwise it’s a nice setup with exceptional power for a good price.

**Item: **Gamo Showstopper 1400fps .177 Air Rifle
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Where do you get this idea? My 30 yr old Feinwerkbau break-barrel will one-hole a 5 round string at 50ft off of a rest(I can’t offhand THAT kind of accuracy). And it’s had about 5000 rounds through it. OK if you’re an Olympic class shooter, you MIGHT notice a difference—but nobody would think of taking this nice plinker to the Olympics. Buy it, you’ll never notice the difference in accuracy. FAQ

Is a fixed barrel airgun more accurate than a break barrel?

A fixed barrel airgun will give slightly better groups than a break barrel gun. This is because the relationship between the barrel and scope doesn’t change with each shot. A break barrel moves the barrel with each shot so it isn’t in the exact same place with each shot. However, todays modern break barrels rifles are typically so well made that the differences are very small. With a high quality airgun, the average shooter will never see a difference between the two types.

Springer or Gas Piston? Not clear in specs or description

I disagree. I have been shooting break barrel rifles for over 30 years, and the whole premise of a break-barrel design, is that the part that the pellet travels down remains a solid single unit, hence it cannot become less accurate due to loosening of parts over time…

Have had a Gamo break-barrel rifle for almost 10 years now and I STILL LOVE IT. Phenomenally accurate and more than powerful enough to go “rodent sniping” around our poultry housing, and ours is also a .177. Quiet enough to get away with killing rats in the dead center of a city. Although we live in the boonies how, I still like the quietness of the Gamo rifle. It is also great fun (and CHEAP!!) to practice with – no recoil – yet the fit and feel of my hunting rifle. We have probably put close to (or even more than) 1000 rounds through it and neither its power nor accuracy has changed at all. Sturdy, accurate, powerful enough for the task we use it for, and quiet – we’re very happy with ours.

Sorry man, your premise is only accurate if if BOTH front and rear sights are after the break, or beyond the breech.

The argument is about the hinge and the lock where the breech joins the piston. In many of these rifles they are boasting scopes, which must be over the spring, and to do otherwise requires an eye relief I cannot even imagine.

I have seen rifles where both iron sights are after the breech, and then your argument is correct.

To look up something interesting, Lewis and Clark used an air rifle for hunting for their dinner. It’s some neat engineering and craftsmanship for the 18th century.

But the part that the pellet travels down and the part used to aim are not a single unit on this particular air rifle. When the barrel is returned after cocking, it is not going to be in the same position each time.
This leads me to three questions. First, how closely does it return to the same position? Second, how much does that variation affect accuracy at the range you are shooting? Third, does that variation increase over the lifetime of the rifle?
I did some rough calculations and assuming that there is 0.005" variation in position, that translates into 1/2" variation at 50 yards. Quite honestly variation in the pellets is going to be a much bigger factor than that. As someone else said, unless you are planning on taking this to match competitions, I wouldn’t worry about it.
For the last question, it will depend on the construction of the rifle and the materials used. Gamo is known for decent air rifles and I suspect that the cylinder and seals will wear out before the variation in barrel position changes enough to become an issue. The only way to test it would be to see how tight a group it can fire with the barrel only to determine the accuracy of the barrel and pellets, then fire it while clamped in a frame and using match grade pellets, then fire 10,000 rounds from it, then test the grouping again using the same frame and pellets as the first test, then remove the barrel and test the accuracy there as well. Repeat for 30 different rifles of the same model.
Personally, I’m going to consider this a non-issue.

supersonic in a light .177 caliber pellet makes for very shitty accuracy.

[QUOTE=schep999, post:11, topic:397831]
Sorry man, your premise is only accurate if if BOTH front and rear sights are after the break, or beyond the breech.

Did not know that they made them any other way—probably why my FWB is so accurate. Never did figure out why you’d want a scope on a rifle that you plan on shooting 50-100ft.

Would this be any good to use to scare the Idgets who keep coming down our closed road and then turning around nearly knocking over our mail box? How easy is it to use for a blind person? I have some central vision. Thinking of shooting over their heads to put a little fear into them.

I would not recommend that type of cowboy bravado. In most states, that could land you with a brandishing charge at best and an attempted murder at worst. Don’t give law abiding gun users a bad name. Air rifles are guns. Please don’t buy this if you are going to do that.

Although not controlled by BATF this gun is lethal not an airsoft which shoots plastic balls this will mame or kill the offender who is driving on your street NOT a good idea unless you want to be blind and in jail

I know that this will not change anyone’s behavior, but I find it very disappointing when woot sells weapons. I believe that the site should promote things that improve people’s lives.

I agree with you.

Target shooting and hunting are very positive experiences, and can greatly improve people’s lives. As a child I learned the proper way to handle and care for firearms, that they are not toys, and that they have to be treated with respect. I could go on and on about the benefits, but it seems most anti-gun people refuse to listen to anything contrary to their presuppositions.