Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir (3)

Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2013 Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County
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Had this Friday night with glazed pork chops and roasted veggies, I love sparkling reds and so was excited to try this. Whenever I see one at a price I can afford I pick it up. This is my first sparkling Pinot Noir and the first I have seen.

Upon opening the cork looked good and gave satisfying pop all sparkling wines do. The wine over ran the top of the bottle and a made a bit of a mess on my white table cloth which I should have expected but didn’t prepare for. The wine was a nice color, somewhere between a clear ruby and purple. It appeared to have a slight haze to it but im sure this can be attributed to the carbonation. The nose is moderate with a straight sniff and you get a little funk and some red fruit but its minimal, give it a swirl and its just straight barn yard funk and very strong. this really surprised me and was a bit off putting.

On the palate the wine is dry with a hint of sweetness but definitely wouldn’t put it in the off dry category, its light bodied, crisp and shows no noticeable tannins. The wine is well balanced with some nice red fruit and no funk on the palate. The primary notes are cherry and strawberry and I really enjoyed the taste of the wine.

I found it got funkier the warmer it got as well so its definitely a wine to chill down significantly, my guess is that the base still wine had some earth or barnyard funk component to it and the addition of C02 makes it come leaping out of the glass. If you like a funky pinot you might find this wine interesting or if you are just looking for something completely different to try out I would suggest this is as an interesting bottle. If you dislike funk at all in your wines than this is a solid pass. The wine itself was tasty and I did really enjoy that part of it as did my wife. It was easy drinking, nice and light and provided an interesting experience. Thanks woot for the opportunity to try this one out.

If I were smart I would have rebottled 1/2 of it and let it sit in the fridge several days to see if the funk dissipated but I didn’t so these are the only notes I have, we thought it was really tasty and instead finished the bottle that evening. I know when shipping delicate wines like pinot its a good idea to let it sit for a week or two before opening but time wasn’t on my side with this bottle.

edit: and now reading the write up it, it does mention any kind of earthy or funky nose. So know I am contemplating if I got a bad bottle or it needed to rest from shipping. Not sure now…

Is the ship-to list correct? Harvest Moon offers have shipped to Ohio in the past.

Checking. Didn’t see Ohio in the last sale.

Update: Ohio is not a ship to state for this sale. Sorry. :frowning:

I’m sure you noticed NY is on the list. You have the address, if you need it. :wink:

Have been reading about what they are growing down south. Heard Texas is producing some awesome wine, on par with France!! How about putting there wines available - that will be something to holla about, Yeee ha!!

We had some Texas wines last week in a Plus event.

And some Idaho wines up this week.

I think the discount here is pretty solid, hand made small production sparkling wine using the champagne method is very time consuming to make.

Call the office at 707-573-8711 to order to OH.


Thanks for checking.

Much appreciated. I do have a couple bottles of this from that other website so I really don’t need more (although this is a nice deal).

Hi randy, any comment on the earthy/funky nose I experienced with this wine?

What’s up Wooters! This is my first vintage we’ve crafted 100% from the Estate. Grown, produced and bottled from my backyard. This Pinot Noir sparkling is made in the traditional style where it referments in the bottle. This is real deal bubbly. Perfect for your summer nights!

For the states that woot can’t ship to, call the office at 707-573-8711 and we’ll see what we can do!

This is my first Sparkling woot and I only made 140ish cases… THAT’S IT! This is a smokin’ price. You’ll never see it this inexpensive again.


This is a new wine. I didn’t notice much funk last time I tasted. I think a) it’s varietal funk, b) possible compromised bottle, although I also haven’t came across cork issues. This wine was sterile filtered prior to bottling so it’s not brett.

The clone I use for this wine is 828 whih has great varietal characteristics (tastes like Pinot Noir) but also contains a layer of natural earthiness coming from the actual grape.

Hi Randy, thanks for the reply and for your participation in general. I have enjoyed your interesting and informative posts here over the years!

If it is simply varietal funk I think the c02 coming off the wine when you give it a nice swirl really carries it.

molarchae and I had our friends pick this up during barrel tasting weekend. If we didn’t have three already this would be an auto-buy for us. We’re big fans of Randy and of his wine. In fact, we served the 2009 RRV Zin at our wedding (mostly because serving the 2008 Late Harvest Zin wouldn’t have made any sense)!

Looking forward to our next trip up to Harvest Moon and hanging out with Randy and co.

What temp. would you recommend chilling to - closer to a red or a champagne?

I’d chill it down ice cold ready for those upcoming hot summer days.