Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir (3)

Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2013 Harvest Moon Sparkling Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County

Had one of these last Sept and quite enjoyed it. If we needed more than the pair we have left, it’d be an easy one to jump in on.

Hello Wooters,

Randy Pits from Harvest Moon here. Offering my end of vintage Estate Sparkling Pinot Noir Rouge. Skin fermented, red, dry and delicious, our bubbly Pinot Noir from the 2013 vintage offers up tart dark cherry, holiday spice, floral notes. This wine is perfect for the upcoming HOLIDAYS when the house is dressed up and festivities in full swing. A very unique Sparkling WIne crafted in 150 case lots.


How long will this be good for?

Why can’t we have this in Connecticut?

…or thirty-eight other states. Looks delicious, too bad we will all be missing out.

What? No GA this time:(

Hi, there’s enough acid to carry the bubbly for 3-5 years more however the holidays are coming and this wine will be a hit come December.

Contact the winery direct! 707-573-8711

Contact the winery direct! 707-573-8711

Contact the winery direct. 70-573-8711

I split an order last time and was sorry we had only one bottle of this. So happy to see it again, and I even got to be the first Wooter!

I ratted this last year and couldn’t get past the funk. It was just too much for me. Really wanted to like it.

What did you not like? Funk doesn’t tell us anything.

Pretty sure cortot is talking about funk as a flavor. Maybe barnyard (brett bloom?) or rotting earth/too murshroomy (terroir?). Or maybe it was corked?

There was some inconsistency among the bottles. We found 1 in 8 were funky.

I’d like to offer you a comp bottle of my '14 new release Bubbly Pinot. I promise you it’ll deliver.

Contact me. Thanks

It wasn’t corked, It may have been Brett. The CO2 seems to carry it though which made it much more pronounced.

No need. It was a Grape Debater bottle and was for community notes. Thank you for the offer though.