High Peak Sirius Sleeping Bag 2-Pack



It’s the blue slipper sandals fit for a giant… again!


“High peak” but only rated to 50 degrees? Trust me, don’t take these out to any high peaks or you’ll freeze to death. Most likely, don’t rely on this if it gets below 55-60 degrees at night wherever you’re camping or you’ll get really chilly.

Though I guess at a price of 2 for $20, you shouldn’t expect too much. I do wonder how warm it would be if you put one inside the other…


Yay! It’s two for Tuesda… errr… oh. It’s Friday…


Anyone know if these zip together?


These do zip together, as long as Woot! sends you both a “left” and a “right” model. Some folks have reported getting 2 of the same type when this has come up in the past. Me, I got one of each last go-round. No problem. FYI, these are darn narrow bags.


Does anyone know how far done the zippers go? Hip? Knee? Feet? Does it zip down all the way to open flat?


yes they do


Yes they do.


These babies go all, the, way.

Or rather they go to your feet. It doesn’t open flat and you still have the rounded bottom with it fully unzipped.


I got two of these last time around, for the price they will do the job…that is if you are in a cool weather (above the rated temp). They are tight - hence the “mummy” style. One advantage I see, since you can put them together, you can be “warm” for the night, or increase the comfort space by having the extra space between the two. No complaints on my part. You can also use it as a liner for bigger bags as they are thin.


Can these be washed in a regular washing machine?


High Peak is the brand


These zip together very nicely (tiny gap between the bags at the feet) and they also go inside each other well. They weigh about 3.4 lbs each (scale). You can have a comfortable 30 degree bag for two by purchasing two sets of these and putting them all together (13-14lbs). Works great and good luck finding a better solution of $45. Quality is satisfactory.


These are great for the price, especially for someone that gets hot in their sleep. If you are always cold, I would recommend keeping these for use during the summer or as a liner or indoor slumber parties. 2 weeks ago, I really wanted to try mine out and had an opportunity since I was sleeping at my brother’s house on an air mattress. I move a lot in my sleep, but hadn’t zipped the bag all the way up (mistake). It wound up becoming a blanket for me, which was ok, but a little weird due to the shape. We had the windows open in the room and it got down to around 50 outside through the night and I was a bit chilly. If I was outside I probably would have been cold.

It is the perfect weight and size for using if you are sharing a hotel room somewhere - doesn’t take up too much room in luggage and won’t keep you too warm inside. Really, this is a great buy to have around for extra overnight guests.


I got these last time around, I was very satisfied with them. They zip together easily and are light. Was comfortable on a 40F-ish degree night, but my nose got really cold.

A warning to anyone taller than 6’4"- The hood fits snugly over my head and my feet are pushing on the bottom of the bag. It fits, but if I were any taller and I’d be uncomfortable I think.


Are they really used like the satirical article?


I bought these at the same price a few weeks ago. I wasnt expecting much at $10 a bag, but I am fairly impressed. Although its a mummy bag rated only to 55, I find that the mummy style hood helps to keep my pillow in place throughout the night. These bags can be zipped together for a roomier bag, or stuffed one inside the other for a bit more warmth. They compress down pretty small. Depending on your climate, these would make excellent emergency or backup bags.

If I didnt already have 2 I would be in for another pair at this price!


Yes they zip together and the zippers go down the length of the bag. I bought two last time for my kids. They used them for camping in the summer and loved them!


These zip down to somewhere between mid calf and ankle though they will not zip open flat. When I zipped them together the two foot boxes were zipped next to each other side by side, instead of making one huge foot box. The separation was where the zipper started, only a few inches up from the bottom of the bag. I thought this was strange at first, but having used it this way a few times it doesnt bother me in the slightest anymore.