Holmes Twin Ceramic Heater

Extremely similar (if not the same one) over at amazon with pretty good reviews


Price Drop Alert - It was $5 more on previous offering. I think I am going to petition my boss to buy these for the office, since they like to keep it at 60 degrees in there. I think it would fit nicely under my desk, and go well with my Cocoa.

Is this loud or can you run it without the fan? I am in need of a heater for our bedroom but I liked our old ceramic heater that was silent. I don’t care for air moving around the room, it tends to leave me congested.

So it was $24.99 then, and $19.99 now. Two posts from that last woot, from GinMan69

Good night.

I’ve never heard of a ceramic heater without a fan. I think it was quartz. The best quiet heater I use is micro thermic. Wonderful heat, even and very quiet. It could even be wall mounted.

So crappy that they are now charging less for this when I bought it at 24.99. I love mine though. It’s pretty quiet for a heater and is nice and toasty!

Purchased one for the $24.99 price and love it. Even though my Scroogy roommates turn the heat off at night, this unit keeps my 12’ x 16’ bedroom comfortably warm

Well look at it this way for five bucks you didn’t freeze your A$$ off last month.

Bought last month when 24.99, was a great deal, now just a better! May get another! Have iton right now, blowing heat on my legs… awesome heater at great price!

I bought one of these when it came up for 24.99. It almost works too good. I cant turn it to the full heat setting, and I leave the thermostat fairly low. Its very quiet as I sleep with it on and I dont like noisy things when I am sleeping.

Heat output is instant since its electric ceramic, i heard they can get expensive to run but my house is well insulated and as I said I use it at a low setting. I have not seen a increase in my bill much this past month.

For someone who cant deal with air moving around etc I would suggest a self contained oil radiator electric heater. The ones that look like old house radiators from the steam heat days, but they are on wheels and plug in. They work very well but initial start up takes a while to heat a room. Once they are going they work great though.

For people that have this: does it make a loud beep when you turn it on or off? I’d like to find one that is quiet to turn on and off.


I am not a fan of those heaters that blow. They suck! These Holmes ceramics blow just enough HOT air to keep one person nice and toasty. IMHO, they shouldn’t be considered room heaters. Put one at your feet in a cold room and you’ll be comfortable, with only moderate noise, and without the eye-drying winds. Yes, the fan is audible and slightly louder than the fan on the Vornado Heater but not as loud as a Vornado Fan, but at about 45dB (estimate) you can easily whisper over the sound at 1m.

I have a slightly different model, but no. No beep. The switches are hardware without goofy electronics.

BTW, these seem very safe compared to old space heaters. I have home off and left these running for days and not burned the house down.

does anyone know - is the “auto shut-off” for overheating or for being tipped over? I want one that shuts itself off when my dog goes nuts and runs around, knocking stuff over.

Will the fan on this unit remain on, after the desired temperature is reached and the heating element goes off? My daughter likes to sleep with a fan and I would rather have one unit, then a separate fan.

If this unit does not do that, does anyone know of any that does? I cannot find a single heater on the market that will keep the fan on even after the pre-set temp. is reached

By law im pretty sure they all have to do both to even get sold

I need one of these under my desk right now.

BEWARE…There is NO tip-over shutoff safety switch. Also, the metal grate in front gets VERY hot when in use.

Darn! I saw the picture and thought maybe it’d make a good heater for a kotatsu setup (blanket over a coffee table with a heater underneath), but I think I’d need one less powerful. With my luck it sounds like I’d burn my toes or the blanket with this one. :stuck_out_tongue: