January 2019 CRAPS! Post them HERE!!


Been a while since I posted or snagged a bag of crap, managed to “win” the opportunity yesterday via the app game, no on to the anticipation and feeling of dread waiting for delivery


Just got the notification that UPS will be in my area, so the package will be delivered today! Double yay!


Got some weekend game app crap! Time to share!

College rule notebook - useful I guess
Collapsible Drinking Cup - afraid it would leak all over
3 compartment lunch box - food shall never touch!
Telescopic Fly Swatter - probably will break on first attempt but it is huge
Chicago Bear t-shirt - Medium - They lost yesterday, guess don’t need anymore
Scrap File - again useful
Auburn Clear Bag - Not my team but so many games now need clear bags
Childrens Ugly Christmas Sweater - gotta find a child that will save it for a year
Paper Star Lantern - Could be cool looking will have to assemble
Childs Princess Dress Costume - almost went on dog, but looked nice enough for friend to take for their kid.

Thanks for the crap and maybe will save some from garbage to soon.


I had one of those when I was a kid. Worked great. Give it a try. LOL


My FAVORITE 14 words (16 if you count the title)


EDIT/UPDATE - 1:54PM: I just took a crap-crap! I went to look to see if my package was delivered…It sure was! But the weight had changed to 0.4 lbs…

After I wiped myself (off), I realized that the T-Shirt I had ordered a few days ago was also delivered today, and that was what I had clicked on by mistake…

…I’m going to wash my hands now!


I was hoping my New Year’s Day bag of crap would have been here today but nope, UPS refuses to prove me wrong, they said the 9th and it shall be the 9th. One more day. I cannot wait to see what we got to start off this year of bag of crapiness!


So apparently when a BOC arrives on your kid’s birthday, it legally conveys…

(Spoiler, my kid is good at math, not sports)


Not a bad box of crap… bunch of knife sharpeners, a beer belt (think gear belt but for beer), Star Wars stencil set, raiders phone case (not a raiders fan, sorry), curtains that will actually fit my windows, a shirt (too small but my niece will love it!), Christmas cards, an old 2016 calendar (I guess you could call it a budget time travel machine), pen and eraser, utility hooks, Steelers ID holder (YAY Steelers - completely using that for my work ID badge!!), bunch of assorted hinges, warning tape (oh yea, prank time), cribbage board pegs (ummmmm), nail foil (again, niece will love it), keychain tape measure, and a shopping bag.

I guess Mortimer the Monkey is getting kinder in his crap dishing-out!!


Got my app crap. Thanks woot for more stuff I will never use, haha.
1 bag
1 paper towel holder
1 plastic up with straw
1 spool of ribbon
2 glass screen protectors for iphone 6
1 Philadelphia Eagles woman shirt
1 Denver Broncos woman shirt
1 Chicago Bears t-shirt
1 kids bear shirt where you can stick a phone in a pocket on the front of it and it does something
2 Hand warmers
1 silicone jar opener
1 wireless airbuds
1 woot pen with a message banner that pulls out (This is going to work)
Crappy as always! Happy New Year!


The look on his face when you said it was his first bag of crap made me laugh. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of that, was he? Thanks for sharing the video. :slight_smile:


My BOC arrived today, and I must say I am joyously disapointed.
1 BOC shopping bag
49’ers women’s t-shirt
Woot Pen
Jar opener
Broken phone case
2 hand warmers
King size pillow cases
Cleveland Browns Motorcycle Helmet. :slightly_smiling_face:
Survival kit
Children’s knee and elbow protectors



1 minecraft activity book
infernite zorch costume (Kids)
Redskins Bean Bags
Rabbit Woot Shirt
Trigger Guard
Work gloves
light switch cover
allen wrenches
kansas city wallet
fishing lures and hooks
RC Car turnbuckles
jar opener
Bingo chips
Kids sizzors
greenbay emblem
and the woot bag


Well I was very disappointed this time all while laughing. Thank you Woot X’D
Hornets Fan mug
Phillies outdoor decals
Bronco’s women’s shirt size L
Redskin women’s shirt size m
Eagles hoodie size m
Zomie Halloween outfit, might fit my son this year otherwise it will fit my daughter, though not sure I need my kids obsessing over zombies again :confused:
Peppa Pig Halloween book, thankful I didn’t order it this past year
Second place is first loser shirt… that is horrible but funny
Woot bag
Woot pen
Over the door hook
dolphin keychain
S hook thing
Another small piece no idea what it is it’s a female though.
magnetic bookmark, sure why not, I’ll use it, already read like 5 books this year
Two hand warmers
Tummy time for babies activity thing.

Thanks woot for the disappointment, I love it. <3


So I got home to see this, peaking at my outside my door.

As my second bag of crap, I was not disappointed in the crap that I got this time!

Here I think it was so crappy, one of my cats decided to add to the crap in her new litter box!

Thank you Woot!
Here is my total list of crap!
1 Litter Box
1 55 yard roll of warning tape (will be used at work)
1 NFL Sticker Wallet
1 5 pack of micro-fiber towels
1 Fruity Licious Strawberry Tart Wig (I’ll see if I can get the wife to pose in it!)
1 14inch by 10 yards of Burlap Fabric, edge(red) color.
1 Melon Tap (Turns any melon into a drink dispenser)
1 Merriam Webster, SAT Vocabulary, Word Teasers (might be alot of fun)!
1 Woot Bag!
1 Woot Pen, I’ve yet to pull out the flag thing.
1 Pair of Woman’s Ugg boots size 9.5 and I got a left and right! But way to big for the wife!

Thanks again Woot!


My first ever bag of crap and it was a great disappointment for the whole family. I think everyone is hooked.

Here’s what we got:
1 Woot bag
2 Woot pens (woot!woot!)
#1 barbless fish hooks
Artificial Lure
2 wine glass lanyards
What I assume are 2 champagne glass lanyards?
Giants long sleeve shirt women’s medium
Halloween doilies
Mini Halloween cookie cutters
Cool looking bowl
Pillow cover?
Pack of mini markers
Plastic packaging opener
Staple gun staples
Sparkly body tattoo #1
Cosmetic mirror
Texans bracelet
Golf club grip?? Maybe?
A bag of sparkling bling
Double landline phone jack( my favorite piece of crap)


Love the Green Bay emblem!


Nice haul! If you end up wanting to sell your boots shoot me a message.


There’s nothing preventing you from modeling it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Woot! - You really must try harder to disappoint me…

A 6# box - very eclectic assortment of little treasures.

Sporting goods:
Chicago Bears Mens M
New Orleans Saints Womens M (Sparkly!)
Cincinnati Bengals Womens S
Rabbit shirt - M (Womens or Kids?)
KC Chiefs LED Snowman Ornament
Seattle Mariners Ribbon
New Jersey Devils Key Ring
Oklahoma Sooners ID Holder


Camping Gear:
Heat Pack
16 Oz. Metal Mug
Extendable (40"?) Camping Fork

Bobj Case in Rockin’ Raspberry
Neewer Digital High Def Lens

Hex Key Set
Bi-Fold Door Pivots
Double-walled Cool Cup and Straw (could go camping)
30 Indian Head Metal Buttons
A Pen!
Red Instant Pot Silicone Mitts
Pack of 2 Washing Machine Lint Traps
Ceramic Gravy Ladle
Scrapbooker Musical Stickers
Woot! BOC Bag


And 2 bags of Texas air not shown


I vote for this!