KitchenAid 6-Qt. Pro Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer-3 Colors

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KitchenAid 6-Qt. Pro Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer-3 Colors
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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This is a crazy good price for this mixer.

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If I hadn’t already bought one for my wife (at $60 more), I’d leap at his deal.

The only time I’ve seen this cheaper (refurbed) I bought it. And I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out of it. We bought a grinder attachment and grind our own meat. Got a pasta attachment too. Note to buyers: Best Buy has accessories on sale 25% off right now.

Is this thing really only 7.25" in heighth? (See specs)[/sarcasm]

[MOD: Squatty little thing. Fixed.]

I just bought this to replace my old Artisan 5-Quart mixer, which was a good deal back then at the same price. The artisan is a good machine, but with a 325-watt motor, it can struggle with thick dough. I’m looking forward to having the 575-watt motor to power through the dense stuff. An added bonus is that my existing power-hub attachments (and ice-cream maker!) will work with the new unit.

To answer an earlier question; these are 17 inches tall.

Great price for a great machine!

Interesting this seems to be a Costco special and uses non-standard accessories. It could create some confusion. See the review here.

Woot. Which bowl is included in the product on sale today? In the pictures you have of the three colors offered today, each color has a rounded top and a straight top bowl. The rounded top is not standard KitchenAid.

Also, a few years back I was looking to add a stand mixer to my kitchen and I considered buying small scale commercial style mixers primarily because I spent 5 years as a union baker (bread, buns, and rolls) and appreciate commercial quality equipment, so going with any of the home owner style kitchen aid mixers to my mind, could have been a step backwards, yet I ended up buying the 7 quart model Kitchen Aid stand mixer and feel it is way more than I'll ever use in my home, so I'm glad I went with Kitchen Aid strictly from that use stand point, as it doesn't look out of place, since I'm not mixing in a commercial environment

How does all of that relate to this 6 quart mixer?  I doubt many considering buying this stand mixer will find it wont handle or meet their needs, in that since I have a 1 quart larger mixing bowl, there are times I'll mix something in it and I could use a smaller bowl, like whipping ingredients for less than a large amount of work (1 chiffon pie instead of 2 or 3), as a whip working too little ingredients wont work as well as one that has a full bowl

Even if this mixer's bowl, whip, dough hook and paddle mixer is specific to this model only, the hub attachment will work with any of the Kitchen Aid attachments that are designed to work with all of their machines...I wouldn't let that deter me from buying this piece of equipment, even if it's built for Costco, and standard KA bowls wont fit, you will be able to buy replacement parts that fit this machine directly from KA

Bought this top-end at this price on Black Friday, it’s as cheap as they come. Maybe it’s just my pet peeve, though, but I could never bring myself to buy a kitchen item that is a refurb. I mean, who knows what that thing has been use for.

I came to ask this question too. The first pic is the usual shorter, fatter bowl. The second is the taller bowl with the flared top. Would love to get an official Woot confirmation of which one we’ll actually get.

Does anyone know the actual model number?

Model number under Specs:

(1) KitchenAid RKSM6573CU 6-Qt. Professional Bowl-Lift

My husband bought me one of these over 25 years ago. It gets used plenty, and it still performs as it did the day I received it. My favorite attachment… the ice cream maker.

I’ve watched the price stay pretty much the same, after all these years. Near $275. If I didn’t already own one, I’d be all over this Woot!

It seems like a good deal. However it is worth noting that if you want any of the bowl accessories it looks like you have to buy the 5qt bowl and that is probably whey the pictures show different bowls since this is a big box specific model. That makes the 6 quart mixer really a 5qt mixer. However as you point out if all you ever intend to use it for is the accessories it comes with and maybe some of the hub accessories it shouldn’t matter. This should be disclosed by woot if this is the case so the buy is fully informed as to what they are buying.

Killer deal on a great mixer.
We bought the Costco version during Black Friday, which ended up being ~ $50 more. However, it has the glass bowl, not steel, so this is not the same model.
Great deal, though - good things come to those who wait!

Save for the bowl size, same price new at Bon Ton, after mail-in rebate.

[MOD: Check again. 5QT ≠ 6QT]

The Woot! model also boasts a 575W motor, whereas the linked mixer only claims a 475W motor.