Kunde Cabernet Sauvignon Three - Pack

Kunde Cabernet Sauvignon Three - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2007 Kunde Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Drummond Vineyard Family Selection Series
1 2005 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
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And once again, no Tennessee on the list. What is it now, about 3 weeks since a delivery has been allowed to TN on wine? Nice.

Cab gives me heart burn. Anyone know why that is?

Hm, interesting. Not lots to go on from CT for these vintages, but 05 and 07 are considered to be very good vintages (moreso 05 for Sonoma).

For both 05s offered previous vintages rated highly so I wouldn’t expect any less for these.

I’d call this a great deal if you like Cabs. Hmmm…is woot offering temperature controlled shipping yet? That’ll likely be my deciding factor.

Shipping is still $5.00 so I would guess they have not switched over yet.

Wow, Kunde back in the hizzle! Might bust the TIWBM for these. I have an '04 Estate Reserve cab in the cellar that might like a younger brother. What I found from my previous wooting of “ordinary” Kunde wines is that they did better with a few years in the cellar. I just had the 2002 Estate Claret earlier this and it was drinking very well.

WD, you’re close on this one, but I SPECIFICALLY said you needed to get the Zinfandel Port from Kunde! That stuff is magical.

How about some Kunde Barbera?! One of my favorite woot wines ever.

I’ve honestly, with multiple tries, yet to enjoy Cab Sav - it’s just too tannic and peppery for me, with no real flavor to compensate for the feeling that I have just set my mouth on fire. Tried pairing it with a steak, and the steak just brought out the worst in the wine for me - all burn, and the little bit of fruit there was got swallowed.

Only time I’ve ever had any luck was pairing it with super, super dark chocolate.

What am I missing? Is there some magic key that would just make me understand the glory of the supposedly great varietal?

The next wine woot happens to be my neighbor! I could throw a rock and hit the tasting room.

I have recently had the 2007 Cabernet, and it is a very nice wine.

Blame that on Tennesee and its oddball manufacture-sour-mash-for-the-masses-but-it’s-illegal-to-drink-it style lawmaking style.

It’s Kunde calling to me…

I have a Woot! birthday coupon, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than getting a pack of cab…

Also, Woot: non-password authentication is the best. Thank goodness that’s been added.

WD … Seriously!!! Have you NOT read about my storage issues? This is like a double whammy as I now have to go buy some more rack space to put my 9 bottles of yummy Cab. Thanks man, Thanks a LOT! :wink:

Sigh … in for 3

Can we get some info on these vintages? Tasting notes, or free samples perhaps?

Heh … my problem exactly. Just had to wedge my Ty Catons into my stuffed coolers. So the question is, how much wine can I drink between now and when these will show up :slight_smile:

Hmm, I do enjoy a good cab… arg

Oh, bother! … Georgia cut out of another sipping expedition.

Trying to figure out pricing information from the winery website to get a price comparison. Vintages from this woot are nowhere to be found, but the 2006 Estate Cab is $18.00, and the 2004 Reserve is $40.00. No idea about the Drummond Vineyard, but this woot is shaping up to be a good deal, as per usual.

The Kundes have been well thought of as growers for a long time. These are pretty much serious Cabs from good years which probably will want some aging. I don’t have experience with any of these three wines: the profiles are along the edges of my preferences, and could be very good. Definitely not pizza quaffers.

Sonoma tends to be overshadowed by Napa for Cabernet Sauvignon, but there is fine Cab grown in Sonoma. These are worth trying.