Kunde Family Estate 2004 Drummond Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack

Kunde Family Estate 2004 Drummond Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2004 Kunde Estate Drummond Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

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What’s the drinking window on these?

Anyone tried them before?

I found this online:

Winemaker’s Comments

“The deep ruby color of the 2004 Kunde Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - Drummond Vineyard delivers a wonderful depth and richness. The aromas are full of black raspberry and boysenberry with a hint of cedar. The same berry and cedar character follows through in the flavors, with a rich chocolate accent rounding out the profile with nicely structured tannins. Lamb chops, tender braised ribs, or beef tenderloin will make this wine sing. If Captain John Drummond were here today, you would have to pry his hands off the bottle to get some for yourself!”
Tim Bell

Maybe we’ll be fortunate enough to receive a visit by the winemaker himself!

I’ve never had this particular wine, but Kunde was one of the wineries that first got me interested in wine. They do a cave tour at the estate, and I happened to go there shortly before harvest, so they let us try unfermented grapes to compare different varietals. Unfortunately, it was early enough in my wine learning that I don’t remember a thing about what we tried, but I definitely remember that they treated me well as a total wine newbie.

THIS is a compelling deal on what looks to be excellent wine from a great vintage! The average CT price is over $50 before the wine.wooters start adding their inventory.

I’ll be asking co-workers to split this, but if any of you from the Boulder area want to grab this please PM or post.

We know this wine. We bought the 2005 futures back in 2007 and had to wait 2 years to pick it up. I believe we paid $400 a case (approx) @ futures pricing due to the expected price.

At first (after letting it age slightly) it wasn’t very good BUT after another close to a year it really opened up. The tasting complexity improved and we realized it was way too young at the time.

I would LOVE to have been a labrat for this because of our history with the 2005.

On another positive note for Kunde, when the sh*t hit fan with wine pricing they either got complaints or did the right thing on the onset and when the wine came out cheaper than what we paid for it at futures - they offered us additional bottles at no cost. In our minds that was a class act thing to do and we greatly appreciated it.

So, in the end - if I don’t get beat up or divorced tonight this might have to be purchased to at least try a prior vintage to our 2005.

…wife said “As we sit here with 3 full cases recently delivered in our living room that we have absolutely no place to put… and since one of the wine fridges broke and now we need to buy a 150+ bottle fridge ASAP :)”

I read that the suggested drinking window was before 2013 in my searches across the interwebs, it may have been from CT

I think you would be happy with this one drinking in the next two years. The bottle age has allowed the tannins to soften to make this a smooth cab, yet the acid still gives the fruit life!

We would love to have you back. Kunde has all of the elements people visualize when they think about what a winery is. You have caves, a beautiful tasting room and a destination tasting at the top of the mountain overlooking 700 planted estate acres and the people really are wonderful!

This is my first Wine.Woot, I cannot wait to receive it.

Congrats! I’m a quiet wooter, but buy in quantity. Have had a great time tasting & testing every one of them!

Is this the Reserve 2004? I see two different bottle options on Cellar Tracker.

Check costco.com for the N’Finity 170 - they have it for $200 less than Wine Enthusiast, where the product comes from. No charge for shipping from Costco - Wine Enthusiast charges $300 for shipping. I just bought one of these and posted a review the other day. Hope this is not bad form to mention this. I’m not, of course, affiliated with Costco except as a customer.

I second the Costco shout out – I just bought the VinoTemp 188 online at Costco to supplement our storage & the price was several hundred less than elsewhere & included shipping & handling. I’ll be buying the extended warranty from Square Trade.

Back to the wine – we were Kunde club members & had to give them up this year because of the economy, etc. We had two bottles of the 2004 Drummond Cab and it was one of our favorites at that price point – good for that “in between” dinner – not an everyday Cab, but more like that special Friday night ribeye, etc. We had one in 2010 and one earlier 2011 (March, I think) and it was holding well and still had the dark berries on the nose and palate with a nice finish.

We’d be in for 2, if we didn’t just buy the VinoTemp. Thus, the dilemma – do you spend $$ on wine or on storage? Both! :slight_smile:

Im aghast. I do not see Michigan in the ship to list and Im praying its a mistake. When Kunde has been offered here before Ive bought and had no problem with shipping to Michigan.

WD, Kunde, help please?

I suppose Kunde has not paid for a “Direct Shippers Permit” for this year. Hate how a lot of states require fees, licenses and or permits to do business.

welcome winery - can you tell us the % new oak used? thanks!