Windsor Sonoma 3 Pack +1

Windsor Sonoma 3 Pack +1
$45.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red & White
2 2007 Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc
1 2005 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel

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That pic shore makes the savvy look right pale, donit?

Hm. Squarely in my wheelhouse conceptually - a deep discount multi varietal pack.

But I don’t usually like Cab Sav, and I just got three Sauvignon Blancs from Wineshopper, so I’m leery. The Zinfandel is mighty tempting though. And I’m short on Zinfandel at the moment.

Anyone have any handy facts like “The Cab Sav is amazing and will change your opinion of the varietal forever, convincing you that it’s not an overly tannic mess” or “The Sauvignon Blancs will make you swear off of New Zealand forever in favor of California” or something to tip the scales for me?

$82 + s/h if you buy direct from the winery.

Good deal if the wine holds up its end of the bargain…

I would arrange it red white, red, white. The reds as bookends aren’t doing it for me. How well does this pair with beef (the red ones)

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I’m in for the variety and the Zin.


I wanna rat, too bad it ain’t Sunday!
I think I’ll grab one anyway.

This is the same Windsor that bottled Woot’s 2001 Reboot sparkler.]
Notice the similarity in the two websites :wink:

Also notice the remarkable similarity in the specs of Woot’s label and Windsor’s.

The 2003 Ty Caton Cab deal from a few years ago is drinking really well right now(literally just finished a bottle), and is not an overly tannic mess.

Wow your asking a lot from 4 bottles of wine for 50 dollars shipped!


Windsor is part of the Vintage Wine Estates

And I’m actually not 100% sure that Windsor Vineyards is synonymous with Windsor Sonoma.

No it’s not. Different Windsor.

They are completely different.

I second that - had a bottle a couple weeks ago and it’s drinking very well. I’m trying to decide whether to pop the last one in my set soon or see if it will hang out and develop nice bottle aging flavours in another 3-5 years.

I am curious to know rpm’s (or anybody’s) thoughts on the reds via the stats. Both have (relatively) high alcohol - certainly above his normal threshold, but nice low pH (and presumably a TA to match). Would these be more “old world” food wines or are these big juicy California representations? CS from Alexander Valley would suggest to me potentially cooler and less juicy, and ditto for the Dry Creek Zin - especially if Pedroncelli’s offering at 15% alcohol is any indication of the possibilities.

Her Majesty the Queen uses the surname “Windsor”. Therefore this is her vineyard.

Though I didn’t hate it like I did most Pedroncellis (including the tour one, which was way too hot), the woot Pedroncelli is still quite hot. But I appreciate the flavours.

people seem to like dry creek Zin.

I’m toasted. And driving down in the morning to see Alex who’s in SD, and we’re going on a double-birthday march (see fb) to temecula wineries. Please tell us which ones to go to, if any!

Perhaps she’d like to send some redcoats to come get it then - since that worked so well last time.

oh dear. forgotten history. you’d better phone the French.

As long as Lizzie doesn’t let either of the Princesses Charles or Anne tread the grapes…