La Crosse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor



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La Crosse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 La Crosse Technology Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BPM10


Grandma and Grandpa,

I have your Christmas present ready!


Thanks, Woot!


Froogle!! 29.75 - 24.95

And much much more. Now, Back to the meerkats!


I’ve got nothin

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You better tell your grandmother.
Zen for health.
.com! Heehee


I could use one of these so I can see exactly how ready I am to snap and kill people with a rusty spoon through the eye.

(I’m just a little stressed lately.)


Bought these last time…They work great!


I have heard that while these may not be perfect for knowing your precise blood pressure, they are really good for getting to know if you are above or below your norm. As long as you use it in a consistent fashion is is supposed to provide consistent measurement.


We bought a wrist blood pressure monitor, but our doctor insisted that we return it for a full arm cuff for accuracy.


blood pressure monitor? is this more accurate when you’re wearing it on your mouse or non-mouse hand?


i have been told by many health professionals that the wrist type blood pressure monitors are not very accurate. if you are in need of monitoring your blood pressure on a regulare basis, you’re much better off using an arm cuff type.


I have the Mark of Fitness model that Woot offered a while back. It’s good tool that I use every day to monitor the 'ol BP.


Is this the same one they used on 24 Season 3, episode 1 or 2?


I should buy the La Crosse Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor to see what it would read at 1am when I’m eagerly awaiting the next woot! Woot may be harmful to my health!


Had a wrist blood pressure monitor – found that it wasn’t very accurate at all…too difficult to catch that “correct” arm angle. Get an “upper arm-cuff” type model instead.


bleh…I wouldn’t think the people who need these are impulse buyers


i heard you can get 30 miles to the gallon on this bad boy…



If so I will bite.