Lifesmart 8 Element Infrared Heater

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Lifesmart 8 Element Infrared Heater
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Time to learn all about Lifesmart

Buyer note: This is an exclusive model build for Woot.

Reviews on similar over at The Home Depot

“In house testing shows this heater is 38% more efficient then forced air electric, 66% more efficient than propane and 45% more efficient than electric baseboard…”

Uh, electric heat is always 100% efficient. Watts = amps squared X resistance. Temperature of the heating element will increase until the heat expelled is equal to the heat being generated.

I don’t get that statement. How are you defining efficiency?

If it’s exclusively built for woot, what list price is it 50% of?

So the Krampus pops up and eggs you? It smells liked warmed up crap? Exclusive to Woot? What’s the gotcha?

LIFESMART stands behind their products.If you register the product with them on line.We have 2 - 6 element and one - 8 element OF THESE HEATERS.Color of ours is a dark oak.Any way called Lifesmart for warranty problem and had to take pictures of a electrical issue did not want to stay on.No replacement part for this issue on one of the 6 element heaters.We cut off the cord and all stickers and mailed them to Lifesmart and they SENT US A NEW ONE.WHICH CARRIES THE OLD UNIT WARRANTY ON THE REPLACEMENT.As for the 8 - ELEMENT ONE HAS AND DOES PUT OUT A LOT MORE HEAT.Have had no issues with it in the past several years.Would buy this 8 - element if needed it.And with a excellent price too.

Hear hear, suspect they’re measuring heat of an object since infrared is much better than traditional electric at that precise function…

(It’s worth noting that an electric heat pump is well above 100% efficeny, while still being technically forced air electric)

I purchased a Lifesmart 6 Element Heater like this from Woot back in November 2014 in case of emergency. Earlier this year that emergency happened and our home’s furnace broke down. We took the heater out and it did an excellent job of heating my combined living room / dining room / kitchen. Two of them probably could have heated the whole floor. Was happy with the purchase.

Original listing:

These are nice if you get cheap or free electricity (solar panels), but 1,500 watts is like burning 30 50-watt bulbs in your house all at once. The comparison of it being equal to a hair dryer is correct, but you usually only run the hair dryer for 5 - 10 minutes max.

I have one of the older models and have used it almost every day to warm up a large room in Phoenix during the winter. I like it. Have no illusions about it being better than any other heater that uses electricity with the same specs. The fan blows even heat out. I like the controls and the look of the cabinet. Mine was refurbished and has worked like new since I have had it for the last two years.

I work at home (4000 sqft) and I run the heat first thing in the morning (natural gas) and then shut it off. I close my office door and use a little space heater to keep just my office (150 sqft) warm. Would there be any advantage in getting one of these lifesmart heaters instead of the 1500W space heater I use now for my office?

The hypothetical price, of course! :wink:

It may because it may heat more evenly and turn itself off for longer periods. But while running at 1500 watts it uses as much power as any other 1500 watt heater.

hello gang. just dropping comment on using this tech fot heat i bought a 1000 w infraed last winter and used it daily until it finally warmed up outside. all the peior points are true it heats up fast but the box never gets hot. also does not dry out the space humidity in heated room same as other rooms. i am in for today’s as a xmas gift for my parents who hang in one room most evenings so they can heat it without heating rest of the house.

been a long time sinve a woot Bag of crap. its not like they don’t have piles of junk hanging arount whq. or is that one of the concessions made when they sold out to the (amazon)man?

the old woot i referenced:

We bought a similar model (by Duraflame) this year and it works great. It heats our 1000 sq/ft living room/kitchen area (where we spend most of our time) by itself and allows us to keep the house thermostat very low. And it’s not straining, running roughly 50% of the time.

I’d be tempted to grab another for the bedroom but I got the first on sale at Amazon for $60, so this price isn’t amazing.

Same as always, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. :tongue:

Why does this tiresome “fact” ALWAYS pop up every time an electric heater is mentioned?


Would you prefer we heat with coal? How about wood? How about imported heating oil that has to be brought to us in a big diesel truck?

What is your point?

How much power is your computer using while you post this and the power used by the company you connect to? Got a big TV? Gaming system? Lights in your house? Garbage disposal?

Better yet, what electrical heater will work better?

Answers, please, answers!