Make Some Noise

Who’s up for making some noise about these speakers?

Cheaper on Amazon:

It shows up as $299 for me, $50 more than Woot.

The 12" Subwoofer is screaming my name.

Has anyone had exp with Pinnacle, that can throw in their opinion?

I have tried to search for reviews on the dual 12". But cant seem to find any. All the reviews on pinnacle are pretty decent. Anyone have any hands on experience?

Hi Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here to assist with any questions.
here’s a link to our review pages. We have many product reviews from the critical industry press. As our founder and President, Rich Rothenberg is a musician and drummer, we are particularly passionate about bass and subwoofers. Baby Boomer and many other products have reviews here.

Thanks for joining us Ann!

I am new to woofers and sound bars. Just moved into a bigger place, and have a nice tv (sony bravia 46 inch), but don’t have a receiver or speakers for it. TV has great sound already, but going to put it in a large finished basement and want to also use it for music, in addition to TV.

What do you recommend? I have read about pinnacle for a while now, and hear it is a very quality product. I dont want to deal with wires, so was just thinking sound bar. But could be talked into getting a sub woofer if the bar itself is not enough.

Also, guess I would need to but a receiver as well?

The SoundBar (or Speakerbar) is a excellent solution for front left, front right and center channels all housed in 1 enclosure (as opposed to 3 individual speakers) Actually Pinnacle invented the category in 2003. The SoundBar or SpeakerBar does not provide low frequency response below about 90HZ but it does provide and is intended to deliver exceptional sound quality for voices. So in movies you will hear the voices very clear and accurately,and undistorted even at very high volumes. You really need the subwoofer to gain the fullness from action sequences that only a subwoofer can provide. The subwoofer is really a requirement, in our view. This promo has 2 exceptional and compact (small footprint) subwoofers. If the room or listening area exceeds 200 Square feet, I suggest the Baby Boomer. If the subwoofer is being placed inside a wall unit then we suggest SubCompact 8. The Baby Boomer design uses two (2) 8" bass drivers both housed in 1 small cabinet. Technical desing name is BIPOLE. It is like getting 2 subwoofers in 1 enclosure. As for receivers, likely you would want to get one and there are many quality receivers on the market. Just make sure you purchase a 5.1 or 7.1 format,which is virtually automatic in today’s market. I hope this has helped clarify your questions.

Hmm… trying to decide which of the 5.1 setups to buy. It appears that the only difference is a bigger sub. Hmm… decisions, decisions.

umm, clarification. You need a reciever for a 5.1 or 7.1 system, not with a speakerbar/subwoofer combo.
that might not be clear to a stereo noob. (i know it wasn’t for me when i was looking)

in general for larger spaces you want a real surround sound system 5 or 7.1 (the .1 is the subwoofer, the first number is # of speakers)

is this an old skool soundbar? I’ve seen others with bild in subwoofla.

And does this soundbar create virtual surround sound via electronic gizmo processing like the SRS trusurround stuff?

…edit…the soundbar has speaker bindings…so it looks like I need a separate amflipier instead of taking the digital out from my teevee.

Yo dawg, I heard you like to clarify, so I made a clarification for your clarification, so you can clarify your clarification.

The sound bar looks like it only has speaker-level inputs so where do suppose the power and signal would come from? A receiver, or an amplifier. A receiver has a decoder integrated with multiple amplifiers for multiple channels.

It seems the other difference is that the Left, and Right are 3-element speakers (1000W) vs 2-element (700W).
Seriously considering the 700W set.
Any owners of these sets can chime in on their sound quality? Thanks.

Onto the subwoofla since the soundbar is passive.

Some interweb sites lists the baby boomer as 600w peak and 375w rms? what kind of amp is it (besides being old skoo1 class AB) is it 2x50 watt amps that are bridged to 200w and running thru the drivers in parallel to give around 375w out output? Or is it a 200w amp driving 2 wooflers?

Plus is the baby boomer low end response naturally rolls off at 23hz (-3dB)or is it equalized at the line level before it is amplified and fed to the wooflers. I am asking bcuz if the natural rolloff at 23hz is -9dB, but the internal EQ rolls up the signal to +6dB at 23hz, then there is really the equiv of 150w output at 23hz…the freq range where u really need those geegawatz.

Regarding the Supersonic, it seems to be a push-push design instead of a push-pull design with one of the woofler mounted in the opposite direction. Wouldn’t the push-push design magnify any non-linearities in the range of travel of the woofler?

these seem to be lightweights not able to achieve reference level. such little speakers enclosures cannot have the required efficiency unless it got some serious magnets in there, and those tweeters doesn’t seem to have any horn loading to optimize its dispersion and efficiency.

As for the center channel, MTM design decreases horizontal dispersion, thus is only good for a few viewers. You might have to put that center speaker vertically.

I bought the 700w 5.1 system when offered last time. It shipped fast and I wasted no time replacing my bose cubes and passive subwoofer with the new Pinnacle goods. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My 10 year old daughter came home after I installed the Pinnacle and immediately commented on how much better the TV sounded. The subwoofer is powerful but easy to adjust to your desired level. I actually only connected the Right, Left, and Center speakers and they are richer and fuller than the Bose by an order of magnitude. I’m really happy with this product.

Howdy, see my post below (above?)… I really like the 700w 5.1 setup!