Microsoft Zune 8GB Digital Player

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Grabbed the 80gb off woot! about a year ago for approximately 140. Couldn’t be happier. Zune definitely trumps iPod, as I’ve dealt with both extensively. If you’re in need of a media player, get a Zune.

Should you get this deal? There’s likely better out there.

A review:

one thing I will say, the Zune software is better than iTunes!

I just bought a refurb 16gb ZuneHD for this price.

I love zunes (and have one of these from when they were new) but this is a terrible price :confused:

Also some useful info! Maybe.

These smaller zunes dont support video out like all the other zunes. Probably not a huge deal considering with a capacity of 8 gig you will most likely squander all you can for music, but you also wont be able to dock it at home and play music on the television.

So THAT’S where Woot! is hiding the good stuff tonight. Well played, woot. Well played.

Just 599 reviews at Amazon


Have they updated it to allow easy song info editing?

I’ve edited song tags in the Zune software and have found it to be a cakewalk.
The Zune software has come a long way from where it was when Zune was first launched. Even though I don’t use my Zune30 anymore (that I bought off Woot a long time ago), I still use the Zune player because I really like it.

YouTube review with focus on wireless


This item is expensive, I remember that in my local wallyworld the 16 gb were going for that price, while de 8 gb for $50.00. Still they are really good players. I sold my 80 gb (which I got from woot) and now I miss it. Oh well maybe in the future the Woot gods will give us the 120 gb Zune.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone should go to the main woot site to see what other wooters are saying about the Zune.

Besides the Zune software being amazing, the Zune Marketplace is phenomenal. For only $14.99 a month, you get:
Unlimited downloads. These are DRM-protected and will play as long as you keep subscribing.
10 credits per month. You can use these to “purchase” any song for no additional song, and they will have NO DRM on them, so can be played back on anything and forever in the future.
“Smart DJ,” their version of “Genius” on iTunes, plays similar songs to the one you originally picked. The BIG difference? It can play songs from the Marketplace, whereas iTunes’ Genius functionality is limited to your own collection. It ROCKS.
It also doesn’t hurt that these players sound great, even on the headphones they come with. Syncing is quick and painless, too. But really, the Marketplace/Zune Pass is what sells this.

My experience: I’ve had a Zune HD 32 GB since January, and it works fine with Windows 7 64-bit.

Strange how its $99 on deals.woot and on sellout.woot its $89. Instant coupon just by clinking on the i want one.

There was a last minute price adjustment to bring it down. Hooray deals!

Seriously considering this.

Hypothetically, if I were to be soon getting a Droid 2 as my phone, would it make that much sense to get a Zune HD, aka a PDA with lots of memory for music? I was thinking it’d be more reasonable to get this. Or maybe the 80 gig.

Usually around Thanksgiving they throw out the big Zunes. I guess they figure to make good gifts. But watch them make a liar out of me and put them on tomorrow! :slight_smile:

When I got my Droid X I stopped carrying around my iPod Nano simply because I didn’t want to carry two devices around with me. Plus my X has more memory than my Nano does.

Why do all these MP3 players have custom ports on them? Lose the cable and you’re screwed (or at least out $15 or so to get a new one). What is wrong with good old USB?

cause standard USB doesn’t carry standard headphone/audio out on the pins, although I agree that it could at least do the audio controls.