Midnight Rider

Another problem with the voting is the voters. Some people think a design is awesome so they vote for it. They vote for it because they like the artwork or the concept or whatever, but they would never wear it as a shirt. So when it comes time to buy, the shirt many not always sell to those who voted on it. I wonder if that is what happened to both “This shirt” and Ooo Shiney. I think the art was great on both but I don’t know how many people would wear either (regardless of placement).

I will generally vote for designs I like or designers I think could use the encouragement. I no longer offer feedback unless asked though. And when it comes to top 10-20, I go through and remove votes from anything I wouldn’t actually buy. Regardless I’m glad to see david, redghia, james and edgar all get printed this week. Can’t wait to see editor’s pick numbers 3 and 4.

Yeah, well, that was an interesting experience for me too. Nothing compared to your massive lead in votes though. :slight_smile:

I do vote make sure I vote for shirts that look like they have no chance of getting printed but I would wear it if there was a chance it could get printed. Don’t leave feedback much unless there is something I feel is worth while to say.

so i just got my shirt… his bandana is orange… the image shows distinct red. still looks really good.

Wow! That was fast… post pics? – just so the printing nay-sayers can see. :wink:

Well, you know… Ooh Shiney won by 646 votes and This Shirt with 595 . 1143 people bought Ooh Shiney and 943 bought This Shirt. I’m sure not everyone who voted bought one. (I did, as I bought This Shirt and I voted for it) But, you have to admit, usually the shirts outsell the number of votes they won by. It’s all about numbers. =D

will have to wait until tonight… its packed and in the bottom of my car… going home for a wedding. it does look really good. but the bandana/stripes on the shirt are straight up orange… looks just as good though.

Can I give you a standing request for feedback on my entries? I’m always interested in thoughtful criticism and/or praise. :slight_smile:

how am i the only one thats recieved this shirt? surely someone else has gotten it and noticed the orange…

There had better not be any orange on MY shirt. You hear that Joel??? Bandana’s should be RED!

As time permits, I’d be glad too. :slight_smile:

If anyone else is familiar with “hanky code”, they’ll know that an orange bandanna has a very different meaning from a red one. (Of course, Rocky’s not wearing it in his back pocket, so it doesn’t quite count.)

Thanks for the free overnight shipping, Woot!


Well the red is not as, ummm, vibrant as I would have hoped. I still like the design, though!

Here’s a picture of the shirt. The red did print kind of orange looking. But other than that, it looks really good.


By agrant311, shot with KODAK DX6340 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA at 2008-08-07

I checked mine and I also bought “Say no To Scurvy” later that day so I wonder if thats why my bank account is taking time b/c at first it showed up then today it disappeared? I hope it does because this one I REALLY WANT! Plus orange kinda makes it sound cool for some reason. I bought two one for me and one for my dad. I’m buying some of these woot shirts as gifts b/c I know some of my friends would really like these shirts.

Damn. I have been away and I just decided to check for an update on Woot’s shirts and this is one I just missed! Anywhere I can get these once they’re out of sale here? :[

I might have extra shirts. I won’t know until the posse rides thru. I can send you a PM if one becomes available; just let me know what size.

You can also check in the World of woot shirts forum http://shirt.woot.com/Forums/ViewForum.aspx?ForumID=24 to see if anyone has offered this shirt for a trade (or to sell). The threads are listed by shirt size: e.g. Random Shirt Trade Center (WS); Random Shirt Trade Center (XL). You might have to scroll down the list or click on the next page to find the particular shirt size thread.

Is there any one at all willing to sell me a copy of this shirt? I’ve been looking for it ever since I was shown the design weeks ago. It’d be the perfect gift for my fiance who loves raccoons, especially this one(showed me the pic). Please contact me asap if anyone has it.