Mumm Independence Day - 3 Pack Sampler

Mumm Independence Day - 3 Pack Sampler
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
condition: Sparkling
1 Cuvee M Red
1 Cuvee M Blue
1 Reserve Brut

**NOTE: **Summer shipping has begun.

I don’t need sparkling, but wonder what’s coming on Thursday!

Just perfect for the 4th! I can’t wait to try these.

Yum! Three times!

Me. “Boo!” (Or before the w00t filter… b00!)

Yay, I love good sparklies. In for 2.

Still didn’t beat Mill, though.

First sucker: mill
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Last wooter to woot: pmarin

And just want to say I’m ready and willing to be a labrat if it so happens to be…

Edit: Hey, I made Washington a bright color. Is someone else from up here buying too?

Agreed with above, don’t need bubbly juice, but very curious as to the mid week selection … hmmm

motherfracker! I must have been about 2 seconds behind mill! DAMN YOU!!!

In for 2. (and will gladly trade blue label for any of the others – even 2 blue label for a single red).

(and it’s not that I don’t like the Blue label… it’s that it’s a lot harder for me to get the others)

And as a huge fan of sparkling shiraz (and the Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Chambourcin that Sparky brought to NoVA #4), I would love to labrat the Cuvee M Red!

Shouldn’t it be Condition: Sparkling instead of Condition: Red?
And yay, summer shipping finally!

It will probably be awhile 'til I drink these…how should these be stored?

On the topic of shipping, my order of Field Blends arrived last week – and it did have the “ketchup packs” in it. (thawed of course). Weather was cool and rainy when it arrived (Northwest). But I know it’s been in the 90’s in the California Bay Area where it ships from, so this precaution was much appreciated.

This week looks like the first time that Summer Shipping is “official” again.

I don’t NEED it, either, but as good as the Mumm’s was last time, I can’t pass it up. I’d love a bottle right away, but I’ve tried every means of persuasion I can think of, and nothing works. It does happen to be my birthday on Wednesday, but that’s a bit late to make a difference in a short week. At least I know it will be worth the wait. In for 2.

Allrighty then! Mumm is the word (that link is to the winery)!

And look, Cuveé M RED!

PS–Oh, and I guessed it!

How good is this deal? Looks like a pretty darned good one this week!

Prices from the Mumm Napa site are a bit variable based on the number of bottles ordered, but at any offered price this is still a great deal!

**Edit: **Updated link to new version of spreadsheet that includes savings calculations both with and without retail shipping.

Don’t need any sparkling, but good guess on those that figured it out.

The mid-week will be still wines. Not much else it could be.

In for 3 units of 3 !

Mumm Independence Day - 3 Pack Sampler
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Hope the midweek deal includes:

2001 Grande Année
Sparkling Pinot Noir
Brut Prestige Extended Tirage

(0r maybe the Santana would be interesting to try)

I’ve tried 2 of the 3 Mumm selections from last time, and they were perfectly good for the price, but I’m just not a fan of Chardonnay grapes, even in sparkling form. I’d probably spring for a 3-pack of the Red, though, so if anyone in NYC is getting some and doesn’t want that one, I’ll take 1-3 of them off your hands.

Interesting side deal pairing: Decanter with sparkling.