Ramazzotti 2009 Frizzante Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine Marini Vineyard - 3 Pack

Ramazzotti 2009 Frizzante Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine Marini Vineyard - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2009 Frizzante Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine Marini Vineyard
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Is the second fermentation done in the bottle(Methode Champenoise)?

Does anyone else get a chuckle out of Italian name(Ramazzotti Frizzante) and the French style(Blanc de Blanc)?

will this get here before 4th of july? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet they offer some Iron Horse bubbly soon that will arrive by the 4th in addition to this.

Courtesy of CJ:

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ooo alrighty then :slight_smile: (It’s pretty obvious I am new to woot!)

I’d be in if I knew for sure I had somewhere to store it… GRRRRR!!!

Hello “wine-wooters”, we are so pleased to offer you this deal on our Frizzante which we are confident you, friends, family and co-workers will all enjoy!

No problem. There are no dumb questions. Well, yes there are, but we don’t acknowledge them. :wink:

Depending on where you live. SoCal is usually the week after the offer (so next week). Mid-West and East Coast can be 2 to 3 weeks after, depending on the summer shipping (refrig truck to central location, then 2 or 3 days to you via FedEx).

Yes it is.

Thanks for joining us. Any thoughts on how long this could be cellared? Drink within a few years?

You could always drink one and give the other two away but I have a feeling you wont want to!

This could be cellared up to 10 years!


turning in early tonight, but I must quickly say that this charming bottle was shockingly gorgeous at first sip. The Ramazzotti was a new discovery for me. We can all thank WD for this treasure!

In the glass - tiny bubbles, beautiful & crisp - dried apricot and almond croissant flavors to follow with a hint of minerality.

I’ve brought this bottle up to many of my fellow bubble-lovers since, this has quite the cult following among the wine trade in my hood. Joe’s incredibly admired up here too.

Happy to see this available before July 4th, count me in for popping a few Ramazzotti corks before then though. I had to move over a few Champagne bottles to make room, a welcomed space indeed. Nighty night, off to Sonoma then Napa before noon tomorrow…I love my job.

Wow this is something we don’t see often around here…it sounds terrific!

I’m amazed these can be cellared for an additional ten years, considering they’ve already been aged for ten years.

Umm, I don’t think they’ve been aged 10 years … I think it meant they could go 10 more years (which if I’d read the write up all the way, I would have known and not asked!).

Says 2009 vintage, so I doubt it’s been aging for 10 years.

And what the heck … nice input from the winery and TexaCaliAli popped in with some good comments about it as well.

Ramazzotti 2009 Frizzante Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine Marini Vineyard - 3 Pack

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