Ninja CREAMi 7-Program Ice Cream Maker

I bought this on the last sale. Mine was properly factory cleaned (no remnants of prior usage noticed). The only thing to be aware of is that - at least mine - didn’t come with the recipe booklet that comes with new models. The specs here don’t mention it either, so I’m assuming that’s standard. The booklet is available on Ninja’s website in PDF form though, so don’t feel like you need to only blindly search the internet or your local bookstore. You can still do that, but the booklet is a great way to get started. So far I’ve made the pineapple sorbet (from a can of pineapple) and a blueberry sorbet (from a can of blueberry pie filling).

I too have a Cuisinart bowl ice cream maker, and I don’t find it to be a chore. It’s just different. It makes about a half-gallon of ice cream, whereas the Ninja makes a pint. After prep, the Cuisinart takes about 30 minutes + refreeze, the Ninja takes 3-5. When I want a lot of the same ice cream (usually coffee) or want it the same day, I’ll use the Cuisinart. If I just want a small batch and can plan ahead, the Creami is simpler.

NOTE: Some people plan further ahead than I do and buy extra pint canisters and premix their ice cream base, so whenever they want a tasty treat, they just open their freezer door and spin. I don’t eat sweet treats quite that often, so that method of planning isn’t for me, but it’s a great way to make the best use of the Creami’s speed.

Creami Recipe Booklet


Also have this, and just to note even though the sale says it comes with two pints, so far it sounds like everyone has received three. One comes installed in the machine and additional two pints in a separate holder.

FWIW, for comparison the current Costco 7-Program Creami bundle comes with three pints and multicolored lids for $189.99. I have seen it on sale for $169.99 (previous grey-lid bundle), but not at the moment.


The Creami is basically a scaled down consumer version of a Pacojet which has been in the commercial food area for many years. Very similar in concept, but no direct relation as far as I can tell.

Pacojet Alternative? Ninja CREAMi Overview - Sizzle and Sear.


Got one from a previous woot sale, refurb was clean and would buy again, the pineapple can recipe (that’s it) is enough to justify a purchase!


I recommend dissolvable labels. Right now I have pints of vanilla and “pina coloda” (virgin) in the freezer which look identical. Bought the labels after I lost track of which pint was what. :slight_smile:

Edit - Or use permanent marker to number the pints and/or lids.

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Links to all of the earlier discussions, as well as additional recipes:


Hi I did not contact woot because they say they sell refurbs so what will they do ? However the refurb we received I am not sure you could say was the best.

The machine does work - we seem to put endless pineapples through it.

But I would be prepared to a do a thorough cleaning yourself on arrival….

Maybe I should add

Since the machine looked so worn - well the one we got - maybe it is worth sending back if anyone else does get one that way -
I just don’t know if you can.

If it’s a store return and already well worn - Costco takes stuff back a year later I guess - well who knows how worn out the parts are you cannot see.

It did have 3 pint containers and they looked new.

If ever you’re unhappy with something bought from us, please PLEASE reach out to our Customer Service. They can help you with some options such as return for refund or replacement.

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Hi there - I am a little surprised but Woot did reach out. Just now. So they must read these ha ha.

Anyway the machine does do what it says and we put pineapple in it raw you don’t need canned in syrup if you find nice soft sweet
Pineapples no more sugar is needed comes out as perfect sorbet with two full spins.



Well I guess I will be the spoiler, because I have one of these and hate it. Too much work involved for no more than you get.

Woot customer service has always treated me well



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My go-to ice cream is: 1/4 to 1/3 cup 0% yogurt, 2-4tbs Allulose, 1/4tsp Stevia or Monkfruit sweetener, 1/8tsp xantham gum, and then fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cherries, low sugar canned pears or peaches or mandarin oranges). Around 250 cal per pint, and delicious. The Allulose fake sugar really cuts down on the “fake sugar” taste.

So which model is this exactly? The NC299AMZ, the NC300 or the NC301?

Per the sale page:


The other model number is from a big retailer for the same item.


I received zero pints. And extra pints from amazon are $47.67.

Naturally you have reached out to Woot! customer service about the missing pints?

I did, and I was offered a refund of $23.
Or 2. We can contact the vendor and check if they have any stock to send you as a replacement. However, please understand that replacement is not guaranteed and vendor may sometimes take 2-3 business days to respond to our requests.
Or return for a full refund.

Disappointing they don’t have spare parts handy.

The pints are normally $19.99 for a two pack. That is the price on Ninja’s website, but they charge another $7 for shipping. Looks like they are sold out just about everywhere else. (Edit - Out of stock at most Target stores, but I entered some random zip codes and it claimed some stores still have them.)

Whatever you choose, keep in mind these came with a 90-day woot warrant which started ticking the moment they shipped and continues to tick away whether you use it or not.