OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Case

**Item: **OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Case
Price: $7.99
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Condition: New

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This is definitely the cheapest I have seen these things. I bought one for my boss for roughly $20 a few weeks ago through Amazon. Now if only the Galaxy S3 cases were this low priced

Just a quick FYI, looks like these would work just fine with the Iphone 5C, but the built-in home button thing will make it incompatible with the 5S

Time to watch a video [youtube=WuV_waUgqBY][/youtube]

Wow! Excellent price on this case which offers the best protection to the iPhone 5. The only problem is with iOS 7: the lower frame is too close to the screen and makes it difficult to swipe up to bring up the control center. If you can live with that, and the significant bulk, you won’t get better protection for an iPhone 5.

Incorrect! The iPhone 5 and 5s have the same physical design, with the exception of the home button for the touch sensor. The 5c, however, is different and will not work with this case. The reason these have been going on sale recently is because these particular cases cover the home button, rendering the touch sensor in the 5s useless. The case will still fit the phone, but you do lose that one function.

I work as a paramedic, and I really like the otter boxes, when I am working. I’ve shattered my phone before on the job, and it isn’t fun. The only thing negative about these, are the belt clips, they aren’t designed as tough as the cases, and often snap on me.

I had an otterbox for my S3 - The outer silicone got too stretched out, so I ordered another. It too was shot within 3 months. Switched to the Trident cases and could not be happier. That said, this is a great price for the otterbox.

As a giant spaz, I bought Otterbox Defenders for my iPhone 4 and iPad Mini and both were fantastic investments. My phone has been dropped off nearly every surface imaginable (and my cat shoves it off my nightstand every morning as a wake-up call) and still looks brand new. My only suggestion is not to get a white case because it starts to look kind of dirty after a while.

Where’s the android love? Samsung sells more Galaxy phones than Apple sells iPhones, yet it seems we always get bombarded with iPhone products. Please bring the Samsung Otterbox to Woot! :slight_smile:

I have this case and an iPhone5. I found that if I swipe my finger from the bottom of the case just to the left of the button onto the screen and up that it brings up Control center. It isn’t as smooth as it could be but for the protection and price, I still think it is a great case. My only other choice would be a Lifeproof case but haven’t seen those for less than $70.

…What? Why in the world are these so cheap?

From personal experience, these cases fit the 5S, but the rubber gasket does cover the home button. However, you can clip off the bit of rubber that covers the home button, and it will still work just fine. The home button will be a bit recessed, but the finger print scanner will still function as long as your finger is small enough to reach it.

As was mentioned before, these do not fit the 5c. The volume buttons are a completely different shape and prevent this case from snapping shut.

If I wanted to order more than 1 and select different colors, how do I do that? Do I need to make separate orders? If so, will I get charged shipping twice?

These are great cases. I had the white one for my 4. Now I have a black/blue one for my 5. I’ve dropped the phone on concrete more than once. Not even a scuff mark on the case.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I paid a lot more for mine. Highly recommended.

I completely agree with you. I actually work for a cell company, and facilitate courses for customers. The feedback I get is the Otterboxes do restrict the command center a bit. Personally, I do have a Lifeproof case, since it is a bit less bulky. Currently they are on sale for $50 through Verizon. As mentioned in my previous post, these cases are also on sale due to incompatibility with the 5s (same reason LifeProof are on sale).

Is the case waterproof?

Just make sure you buy it all at the same time.
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Otterbox has a lifetime warranty. If the Silicon gets strecthed out they will replace the entire case for free.