OtterBox Defender iPhone 5 Case

Absolutely great product, and this price is sweet! The only complaint I have is with the plastic coming off after a while around the charge port, however Otterbox has a great warranty and exchange is a breeze.

Some additional info and solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) can be found on the product page

Let’s check out a video [youtube=WuV_waUgqBY][/youtube]

I was just at a thrift store and they had one of these for sale for 10 dollars. Woot is cheaper than Thrift store prices whaaaat?

That’s a new fantastic for me.

Beyond sweet price just convinced me that I need a second otter box case for the iphone5 I bought last month! I already have a blue one, now I have pink too! Almost bought two, but then figured two is already more than I can use at one time lol! But now I can at least change the look once in a while :slight_smile:

Would of got 3 if they would of allowed.

Here is another product page with additional info and a video

Doing a lot of research on this as I am thinking about purchasing one for my 5s. I know this case will render the fingerprint sensor useless (but will still function as a home button) but I am thinking that I am sometimes in situations where I would like a little more protection for the phone and I think this will fit the bill.

I already have a blue one and it’s getting worn out.

These cases are great! Very protective, and not overly bulky.

In for two! One black, one glacier, so I can change it up every once in a while.

Does anyone know if it works with the iPhone 5s? I mean if you can afford the 5s what are you doing on Woot…? but that is besides the point.

The Specs tab says it’s not compatible with iPhone 5S or 5C. Hope that helps!

Before I got an Unu battery case, I used an Otterbox Defender for the 5 on a 5s with no problem, other than the inability to use the thumbprint sensor. Of course the inability to use the thumbprint sensor is also true for the thumbprint sensor itself.

It doesn’t work with 5s only because the fingerprint scanner; besides that its a really good case (I had one for my 4s for a year and half and still was fresh when I took it out)

Its so hard to figure out this compatibility stuff. So like if only the finger print thing does not work does that mean it is incompatible? I just want to keep the spray out while visiting the coast. Will this solve those problems?

according to info I have found, the dimensions of the phone are the same but like I stated in my earlier post, the fingerprint sensor will not be able to be used.

[EDIT] my comments are based on what I have found while researching, they are in no way official. I am going to take the risk and purchase one knowing it was not designed for the 5s

To clarify, you won’t be able to use the fingerprint sensor, otherwise the case SHOULD fit. As for the spray issue, hopefully some fellow wooters can jump in and share their experience.

I have one of these that I bought for CONSIDERABLY more back shortly after the 5’s came out. I have to say, it is VERY VERY bulky on the phone. It almost triples the bulk of the phone. It is much too bulky for my taste. It makes it hard to get in and out of your pockets easily.

The clear screen protector thing on the front also gets finger prints FAR more easily than the bare glass does. It forces you to wipe it off very frequently just so you can see the screen clearly. The front protector also clings to the screen at times making rainbow looks on the screen until you squeeze in on the sides to pop it off the glass.

There is also a clear protector over the Apple logo on the back as well.

There have also been reports of these cases warping iPhones causing them to need to be replaced. I heard this from Apple Store employees as well as other users.

Overall, if you don’t mind adding significant bulk to your phone, then this is a good case. It is pretty sturdy and makes the phone feel more secure. If you don’t mind all the cons I listed, go for it.

I also had one for my 4s, dropped the phone one day (from approx. 3’) and the case cracked badly. It protected the phone as it was supposed to but I had to buy another case.

As has been mentioned, this case will fit the iPhone 5s but some with small fingers find that the print reader still words for them. The “rainbow” effect on the screen protector is documented and some find that putting a very light dusting of some kind of powder eliminates that issue. Try searching with “powder” along with Otterbox Defender screen protector and iPhone 5. It will allegedly fit the 5c with some “cutout” mods at the base and the volume button covers which have a different shape than those on the 5 and 5s.

Looked at this case when I first got my iPhone 5 on opening day and laughed. Other than in cases where you actually worked in a harsh environment, it seemed like a good choice for people who missed the size and heft of old cell phones. There are also a lot of reports of scuff damage.

Be careful ordering these! I ordered them from woot a couple of weeks ago as well as some leak frogs and I was shipped someone’s random amazon order instead. So far not much help from woot staff. I received one response email asking if the tracking number on the box was correct…it was, however the contents of the box was books, apple slicer, chap stick, and beans! I’ve sent a couple of emails since with no response. Guess that’s why they still have some to sell.

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