Perfect Cup Tea Pot Tea Set

Wow, my wife always wanted one of these!

It’s pretty, but I drink a lot of tea when I drink it, 16oz is just too little for me.

For those interested, previous offerings:

Dec '10

Feb '11

This looks suspiciously like it’s made out of plastic. I’m sleepy, and I can’t find any mention of the material. Anyone?

Yeah, if plastic, I dont want it anywhere near my tea

I have a Clever Coffee dripper and a Swiss Gold filter that do tea very nicely, there are better plastics out there now, but what this is I have no idea.

I know the purists will scream about not being ceramic or glass with water from a glacier.

I wounder if the tea its self is any good?
How about the storage tins?

Bought two. Plastic, schmastic…it brews and delivers tea!