Post Mongering: 8/12-8/13 (Part 2)

And this shall be next batch. Thank you @SnappyShopper. Truly. We shall feast during the winter feast! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aww I’m still a loser. How disappointing. :cry:

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I’m not going to keep track of @davejlives seldom mistakes… if I did, Excel would NEVER pick me to win again!

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This would probably be great if I wasn’t allergic to tomatoes.

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I think I am allergic to tomatoes too.

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So, some of you may not know, but I was not always the record keeper for these events. I updated a few times for someone else during the first post mongering / 2nd event, and then kind of assumed the mantle from there.

The first event had no official tracking, so I worked my way through all the posts and I believe I was able to capture the reveals. I’m also assuming that @Se7enty9 changed from a wooter during that time?

Wiener Link Notables
benjaminleebates NEED SOME POSTS - #4237 by benjaminleebates weighted blanket & fingerling & walkie talkies & goodies
daveinwarshington NEED SOME POSTS - #4050 by daveinwarshington santa hats & raspberry pi & goodies
peaceetc NEED SOME POSTS - #4070 by peaceetc best hat & wifi camera & pen & goodies
Se7enty9 NEED SOME POSTS - #4310 by Se7enty9 singamajig & speaker & goodies
Wooter772326458 NEED SOME POSTS - #4263 by Wooter772326458 stickers & kindle & goodies
WooterWootsWendy NEED SOME POSTS - #4251 by WooterWootsWendy white balls & anti stress objects & goodies

With that out of the way, the Overview now looks like this:

# Past Mongering Threads Last Summary Wieners Did not reveal
1 NEED SOME POSTS Not summarized 6
2 POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 (Part 1) - #19399 by FrostByte 17 slinkydogg
3 POST MONGERING: 4/1-4/4 POST MONGERING: 4/1-4/4 (Part 2) - #10416 by FrostByte 28 duckyducky
4 Post Mongering: 5/27-5/29 Post Mongering: 5/27-5/29 (Part 3) - #2918 by FrostByte 42 chrisykincaid
5 Post Mongering: 8/12-8/13 TBD 35 @Williamdavi says it better be none or else

And the overall list of wieners is now:

Wiener Count 1 2 3 4 5
ashleyheart 3 x x x
ayane605 1 x
b00kemdan0 1 x
badramen 2 x x
bankernosaj 1 x
bchlor4evr 2 x x
benjaminleebates 2 x x
Bethanos 1 x
Brove2016 2 x x
cartr1 1 x
ChrisPUT 1 x
chrisykincaid 1 x
cjclaussen 2 x x
CloverPine5469 1 x
coderunner02 3 x x x
dafrogman 3 x x x
daveinwarshington 3 x x x
digitaljanitor 1 x
dlvery 1 x
duckyducky 1 x
eidsoncr 1 x
fimbrethil 2 x x
fishingPA 1 x
Froodyfrog 2 x x
FrostByte 1 x
gabizago 1 x
gemi27ss 1 x
geminiree27 1 x
georoxstar 1 x
Ginnyill 1 x
GlassCrawford 2 x x
hoffmanbike 2 x x
Jasila 1 x
jcollom 1 x
jniemeier 3 x x x
kinglowrider 2 x x
Kobayashi041097 1 x
mbspell 2 x x
Mopsbauer 1 x
Mster111 1 x
MuchToMyChagrin 1 x
mullog5 2 x x
nathanwhat 1 x
netMASA 1 x
nicealves 1 x
nspede 3 x x x
offmycloud18 2 x x
oheck 1 x
PadawanWooter 1 x
peaceetc 2 x x
pepper114 2 x x
perfectcosima 1 x
PHISHY1980 1 x
pricklycat 2 x x
privateerx1 1 x
PrydeWater 2 x x
Queen89 2 x x
RebelTaz 1 x
renatuslives 2 x x
ryecowbee 1 x
SassyBeard 1 x
Se7enty9 4 x x x x
shwaggyd 1 x
slinkydogg 1 x
sloride 1 x
SnappyShopper 1 x
southportmommy 1 x
srcole1 1 x
StefanMakaSL1MSTEF 1 x
Sweetdeals2me 1 x
tnet490 1 x
Williamdavi 3 x x x
wootdamn 2 x x
Wooter167677922 1 x
Wooter310456179 1 x
Wooter609214317 2 x x
Wooter772326458 3 x x x
Wooter805712026 2 x x
Wooter986760089 1 x
WooterWootsWendy 3 x x x
wootevil 1 x
woothootin 2 x x
Wyatt8 1 x
yosefa 1 x

Well for me it is specifically lycopene, which tomatoes have a lot of. I get hives and have trouble breathing. You can burn off lycopene by thoroughly cooking it though but red sauces still make my stomach hurt regardless.

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Never knew they had that. I don’t get hives but maybe that is what hurts my tummy

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Na, you’re always a winner. This round will not have the best crap prizes anyway. Everyone is exhausted from the month long Birthday :tada: Partayyy. I call it Woot Slump. Just think, Autumn is on the way, less heat burning everyone out, and then pre Holiday games!
And, the hop in everyone’s step returns!

again, I know nuffin, just my opinions that I have self-approved.


As long as I don’t have to do the dishes, I’m in!!
Might need a Sous Chef…


Im doing this next. No tomatoes.

And nobody who has corgis could ever be a loser!


I’m with you MissCheffyPants. I love to cook, but the clean up makes me GRRRRRRRRR.

eric cartman cooking GIF by South Park


You are now promoted to “Unofficial Woot Historian”. Maybe they can add that after your name like they do the vol mods


Aw. Glad you figured it out. Food allergies can be tricky.

I picked a cuke this morning. @Wooter772326458 gave us a recipe that is tops for sliced cucumbers.


I don’t think I could live up to that title. I don’t even participate in the green grotto.



Wooter310456179 is my former name


I got to that eventually when I couldn’t search for that user and saw that you posted a reveal.

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Your Majesty,
Don’t know if I should even make a presents here, as I have fallen from the grace of the creator of this thread.
As the one whom favors all my endeavors, above others, (you have liked more of my posts than anyone else), should I seek self exile from this forum and only ply my witticisms elsewhere; or be allowed to continue my jovial remarks here?


Lol watermelon

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Queen Sous Chef is on board! I gotta big knife that is like an extention. I can chop all day!

Non-cooks do dishes anyways! Kingdom rules say so.