:w_boc: Post your APRIL 2021 Crap HERE!!

Howdy Wooters!

This here nifty thread is for posting your BOC should you be so unlucky as to get one during the month of APRIL 2021 in the Woot-Off or any other place where we might throw them out.


gif courtesy of drgandalf

Remember that you’re promised these things from your BOC:

  • 3 items
  • A bag if we remember to put it in
  • Abject disappointment

If you get more than that, count your blessings or talk to someone about the disappointment that has swallowed up your life.

Order Snafus

You may find that your order got denied or canceled. While this seems totally unfair and you’ll be tempted to complain to anyone that will listen, here’s a few things for your consideration:

  • We will never have enough craps for those wishing to purchase craps.
  • At best, the ratio of people attempting to available craps are 3:1… if you’re lucky. Usually it’s more like 25:1 or more.
  • So many people try that it pushes our servers to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and just crash
  • The servers have been known to crash.

To keep the servers from crashing, we have an order queue. You’ll enter the “Vestibule of Patience” while you wait for your order to be accepted, denied, or canceled. You should not exit the Vestibule to try again because that just puts you at the back of the line.

  • If your order is accepted, then you can brag about your impending disappointment in this here thread and on your social media outlets of choice. :smiley:
  • If your order is denied, it’s nothing personal. It just means that we ran out before your order was processed. It’s our rude way of saying “Sorry!” :cry:
  • If your order was cancelled, you were so, so, so close. So close that your payment went through but gosh darn it, we ran out of BOCs before we assigned one to you. We have to reverse all that work to refund your hard earned money. :angry:

Remember to post what you get!

Now one of the things that makes the Bag of Crap so much darn fun is to see what everyone got. The only way to see what everyone got is if everyone comes back to post what you got. See the trend here?

New EASY-TO-REMEMBER link: www.woot.com/postmyboc

That link will always take you to the current BOC thread (assuming I remember to update the link)

Taking your crap and running off with just steals the fun from everyone, especially me. So please post what you get.


Cat_BOC%20Gif < Bad!!

So there you have it.

  • Prepare for disappointment
  • Post what you get
  • Earn :heart:

And let the waiting begin

A Poll!

Tell me what you thought of your Bag o’ Crap!
1 (hated it) to 5 (loved it!)

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Where your package is right now:




Or maybe, delivered this way:


Patiently waiting for shipment and delivery :wink:


Question: If I ordered my BOC in March, but it arrives in April, do I post my BOC in March or April? Or both?

It’s supposed to arrive Wednesday, though UPS has said it’s been in Texas for the past 3 days.


My Borg Overide Code was ordered on March 30 (I think), but I plan to use this nice, clean only slightly used thread to report it in…


My orange banana cabbage BOC is coming tomorrow!!! I’m beyond excited to be thoroughly disappointed by all the crap it contains. Bring it on woot.


Mine Too!


Ironically enough, I was out of both aluminum foil and printer paper… How’d y’all know?! :joy:


All in all a pretty nice haul!

  • Bag (o’crap)
  • 7 rubber duckies
  • T-Shirt
  • Socks
  • Woot! After Dark wristband
  • Rubber band balls
  • Makeup remover cloths
  • Purse Handle???
  • Surfer Snorkel ??
  • Altigo noise-canceling headphones
  • LED Solar 🪨 :bulb: Faux Rock path lights



My Beer O’Clock just arrived. The box was bigger than the standard boc box. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. Well, here we go:

Pet fur remover with base
Deck of playing cards
Plastic water bottle with pink top (will use @ home)
Family pack of bandaids (are bandaids ever a bad thing?)
Tiny collapsible basket
4 bath duckies
#WootAfterDark glow bracelet
Bag of questionable finger traps (did they get wet?)
Men’s Pizza socks
Bass fishing bait lures (gummy and scary looking)
Set of 4 double prong skewers to go with my grill!

But that’s not all!!!

Green Galaxy aviator jacket size M
Pair of thick galaxy sweats

The best thing is that I ordered a green galaxy jacket in size M and was sent a different brand that was like XL labeled M. So this jacket isn’t the exact one but it’s close enough and fits and I’ll wear it and I am a happy camper! I will wear the sweats too. They’re big but I don’t care.

Today’s BOC has met and exceeded expectations.
(Much, much more than my previous 3 or 4 BOCs)


So… My BOC arrived today. It contained an $8,000 camera. And other stuff.


Got my bag of crap:
1x (s) Cleveland browns shirt
1x (3XL) Cincinnati soccer shirt
1x mallet
1x socks
1x foil(duck yeah!)
1x box of silicon rings
1x fishing lure
1x pack of 2 window paint
1 glow stick
1x pack of “cute animal cable protector”
1x pack of (40 pieces) glass bead things
1x woot bag
Not pictured: me

Very disappointed, will buy again


No! You got my BOC by mistake!!

Those duckies were meant for me!


My Beer O’ Clock dropped today. Had to steady my nerves with an actual beer in case some severed hands awaited me like in the previous BOC. Fortunately, this one contained mostly pleasant and unthreatening items. What the heck, Woot? You’re slipping.

•24 paint brush set (Nice!)
•4X-large men’s bib overalls (will fit once I’m done eating all the Woot chocolate I recently ordered)
•3 pack makeup remover cloths (will use these)
•Wireless sport ear buds-ultrastable (unlike me🤪)
•Gigantic 12 watt lightbulb (to hold above my head when I get a brilliant 12 watt idea)
•Storage bag ( for tissues, wipes, toilet seat covers?)
•Angelina bras 2 pack (not my size…will donate)
•Men’s socks with playing card design and confusing label (see pic below)
•K-cup pod for coffee brewer (need this since I misplaced the one I already had!:blush:)
•Design stamp of 6mm baby feet for “creating stamped metal jewelry” (next quarantine hobby?)
•2 rubber band balls (:woman_shrugging:)
•20 sided polyhedra foam dice (will use in my classroom for sure :woman_teacher:)
•1 #WootAfterDark glow bracelet (pics below)
•1 blue I’m Never Shopping at Woot Again bag (but of course, I will :w_tongue:)
And now…some more pics…
Strange label on socks: Please Flush?:toilet::socks::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grayson unimpressed with the #WootAfterDark glow bracelet. My attempts to get him to pose with it were largely unsuccessful.:pouting_cat:

Not a disappointing BOC at all! Grayson and I thank you Woot! Well…maybe not Grayson.:pouting_cat:


Is that a joke?


If it really came in the boc - or costing $8K? It’s definitely an $8K camera!