Prime and Woot Link Messed Up

I changed ISP recently. I tried to place a woot order for the first time since the change and could not login using my Prime account. After much futzing and a call to India, I finally gave up and tried to log in with my woot account and could not because the old email address was still associated with the woot account, and it doesn’t work anymore. So, I set up a new Woot account - because I couldn’t find a way to change my email address and India was no help - very pleasant but without a clue.

I now have my new email address on both my Prime account and my Woot account, but now I cannot log into Woot using my Prime account. I suspect that somehow the old email address is hung up in the network somewhere at the Amazon/Woot end.

So, what do I have to do now to make the link between the accounts work again?

Hi there. Email woot at Tell them your old email and that you’re unable to update it to your new email. They should escalate to the CS Manager who can help you out. If not, holler back.

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