Question on Contracts

Hello I am new to woot and have just submitted my first design and was curious about the contract options at the bottom of the submission page. I’ve already submitted my design and I have downloaded the exclusive contract and signed all the necessary stuff and have even included an image of my t-shirt. First off, was any of this necessary for me to do given I had answered most of the questions on the submissions page (excluding the address). Secondly, where exactly can I submit this document if necessary.

what did you d/l, the document labeled “sample”? i see those docs are dated 2010 … i think those things are for you to look at so you can see what is said/not said in them, not for you to fill out. i also think they don’t need a contract unless/until they decide if they want to print your design, so you may be a leetle early on subbing a signed contract.