Replacement Parts, For A Song

I bought the Oral-B replacement brush heads and they are horrible! They don’t fit and they fall off all the time!

Are these real Sonicare brand heads or knock-offs?

I see these for sale on Amazon:

I bought a bunch of the replacement blades. They are very dull.

I am wondering if the sharpener actually works and I can get some use out of these blades which are painfully dull right out of the package.

Don’t do it! The Sonicare heads DO NOT FIT, and are simply awful.

I purchased some of these heads last time they were up, without noticing that they’re “compatible” heads and not official replacements. The reviews were terrible and I wish I had read them first. I still have them and haven’t had a change to try them out yet, but they’re unbranded knockoffs. Seriously disappointed that they don’t even have a name on the packaging, it doesn’t instill much confidence. I’ll try them eventually but my personal recommendation would be to stick to Costco for the official replacements.

Don’t do it. I bought 2 packs of the replacement flossing action heads because it seemed like such a good deal. Within 3 weeks, 2 broke. They no longer move. This is not the real deal, but rather cheap knock-off crap.

Cheap knock-offs. Not the real thing.

These are absolutely terrible. Don’t even bother. Fit isn’t great, weird taste, doesn’t seem to rotate correctly, first one broke in 2 days. Dumped the rest.

Absolute garbage. You’re better of lighting the money on fire. The Sonicare brushes are so soft they don’t even do anything. Stay away if you’re wise.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS. The blades are literally the worst thing ever and mine dulled AFTER ONE PASS.

Mine fit but the bristles kept coming out. Went in for three and everything went in the trash.

I bought the Sonicare brush heads the last time they were up and they work as well as the ones that came with my toothbrush.

Guess I got lucky.

woot, everytime you post the razors and toothbrush heads, EVERYONE says do not buy. Why do they end up on the site every couple of months when you know it is a terrible product? Throw them out or donate them please!!

Avoid it like Ebola.

@Woot Staff:

Can you please make the different pictures of the styles of Clarisonic heads identifiable? I don’t see the names of each style when I look at the different pictures of them.



Have any of you bought these Clarisonic compatible brush heads? What did you think of them? This is a pretty good deal if they’re worth it. The Clarisonic branded replacements are spendy.


It looks like in the 4th picture down, that the cover says Clarisonic on it. Are these the actual brand name?

We’ll have to reach out to Woot Staff for further info.

Thanks for the inquiry!

We’ll report back with any updates.

Anyone try that razor blade sharpener? I usually run the blades back wards down my arm or leg and that helps the longevity a bit. Utterly ridiculous what blades cost these days.

Dude, Dollar Shave Club. Like they say, their blades are f**king GREAT, and for $1 + shipping, or $6 or $9 (free shipping) you get a fresh blade for each week. I’ve been using it around 2 weeks and plan to continue until either 1)they go out of business (unlikely) or 2) the ebola consumes me (but at least I’ll die without razor burn)