SakéOne Six-Pack

SakéOne Six-Pack
$41.99 + $5 shipping

Available (what’s this?)Products:
2 750ml Moonstone Coconut Lemongrass
2 375ml Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo
2 375ml Momokawa Organic Nigori

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NOTE: 2 of of the Sakés are in 375ml bottles; the Moonstones are 750ml (not like you can’t tell that from the picture) :slight_smile:

Hmm - saké.

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I love me a nice, cool nigori.

I really like this sake company, but I just don’t know if I’m down with the flavored sake’s, if it was just the organic ones I’d probably be in.

I was right, although it was not hard.

** SakeGuy, here are some nice things the kids were saying about you in preparation of your return: **

Woot! Always a fan of variety.

Not a fan of sake.


We sell SakeOne’s sakes at my restaurant. Good entry-level sakes for those looking to get into Ginjos, Daiginjos, and the such. The Nigori is too sweet for me, however, the organic Ginjo is good. I have not had Moonstone sake, mostly because I’ve begun to deal in higher end sake, though from word of mouth as well as SakeOne’s reputation, I wouldn’t doubt it is a good buy.

Ouch. Got last wooter to woot on the Lupine Hill, but missed 1st wooter on the Sake…

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Is sake a wine really?

Yes, it is a rice wine. Similarly, distilled liquor from rice is called shochu.

I bought last time the sake was here, and we loved every drop of it. I can sometimes find the Joy G at Sams (chicago), but it is not always around. Always a good treat. Sad to not see it this time, but I am really excited about the Coconut Lemongrass.

WD - This would go wonderful with the curry I am making this week :wink:

Sure… it’s sorta like wine, but its also sorta like beer. Also known as a win-win situation :slight_smile:click for wiki article.

Sake Crew: We’ve recenlty had a blog discussion on here on the whole organic topic lead by winemaker Peter Wellington here:Blog - Wine.Woot

Can you add your two cents two the mix regarding your level of organic farming and what exactly you’re doing to provive an organic product. It it “easier” to achive that using a rice vs. grape product for producing wine?

That coconut lemongrass stuff is amazing!! I’m in for two and pity the fools that aren’t part of the sellout.

No, but to be fair, neither are mead and barleywine.

…but all can “mess you up” quite effectively. :smiley:

I’ve had the organic nigori and love it. I like it better than the Pearl (but less than the Murai family nigori…but that cost more than twice as much). Smooth with nice texture from the rice and flavor of coconut and banana and a slight bite an I haven’t had the other two.

True confessions time - my only experience with saké was at Japanese steak-houses. I seriously doubt that the saké was of great quality. It always came in a small white container with a small ceramic glass to pour it into. My thoughts were that they were OK, but didn’t impress me like a fine glass of wine.

So - what have I been missing? Can anyone tell me what a “good” saké is like?

Also curious - is quality saké served warm, cool, other?

Thanks for educating me!