School Crate

I’m not in school, but I’m sort of tempted because of those silly question marks!

Hopefully woot considers a 60" plasma TV (Men’s Large) to be semi-school related.

I’m always in for question marks!

My mind is trained to automatically get excited when I see a yellow/white question mark.


$25 is pretty high buy in, considering how well non-crap randoms have gone.

Me, too. And it offered adult size options, so in for one! I can always donate school supplies somewhere if I don’t need them. And am I the only one who still loves school supplies?

Seriously? $25 for absolutely no idea what we are getting?

No thanks!

You had me at “?”

I’m intrigued… but also poor… especially after the last random sale… which I didn’t have any luck with… torn

That’s what kept me from hitting immediate buy. I’m holding off for a bit to give my self a chance to come to my senses. I feel like my really great tool bag has used up my luck.

Shut up and take my money!!!

So it’s just shirts, right?

Also, does crate mean crate?

Last few random shirt assortments have been not that shabby…think I’ll pass and let others gamble on this one.

They must be good if we’re limited to 15 each.

In for 15!

I. Am. A. Sucker. In for 2.

They are good at getting us on those mystery items. Curiosity killed the cat.

My last randoms were… just ugh. Here’s hoping this contains a school supply I really need - like a laptop!