Shirt.Woot Holiday Crate 2014

These exclusive crates contain fun stuff that is worth about what you pay for it (or a little more). Each crate contains similar stuff. Check the details for each option to find out what kind of cool junk you’ll get. You can also view an unboxing (of sorts) starring the beautiful and underpaid Pemberducky.



It’s good that the word “plethora” did not appear here and that you advertised that everyone is getting the same stuff… you ALMOST learned something from the school crate. almost.

Dang, I Thought it said cheesecake.

Fun video. Very instructional.

There’s even a cat on the box :slight_smile:

So tempted. Not sure I’d I should or not

After the last Cratepocalypse I’m a little gun shy on ordering but ugh I might do it anyway. At least the value seems about right this time… Will have to think on it.

I am a sucker for Shirt Woot…
first the shirt crate then the shirt subscription and now grabbed the Costly Crate…

That video makes it seem as though everything in the crate is obscene.

One would think Shirt.Woot was money hungry.

I have a feeling I already have most of what I might get from the crates. It will be a bit disappointing because of that. But it’s a whole crate of fun stuff!

If you only knew. :wink:

They really know what they’re doing.

I think it has been made perfectly clear in the description exactly what this is. I can’t wait to see all my cool new stuff!!!

And I can confirm there is no $5 shipping charge on the crate…least WOOT dint charge me for the costly crate… Thanks Woot

In for one of each. Love this idea.

After watching the video, I am super pumped at the possibility of a calendar!

Looks like the difference is the mug and stuffed animal

The costly crate is definitely a worth while if you don’t care what style you get.

Here’s a breakdown (& approximate values as randoms):

Something that will fit on a torso, pillow, or bale of hay. (Random Shirt - $8)

Something that could hold nog, coffee, or a month’s collection of saliva. (Random Mug, they just released a bunch of new ones - $10)

Something soft, squeezable, and squee-able (Random shirt.woot Plush Toy - $10)

Something(s) that could STICK or ADHERE to another object (Random Sticker(s) $1-$6)

Something you could hang on a coniferous symbol of the season (Random Ornament - $1)

Something surprising (and stupid) (Random Trash - $-5 Yes, that’s a negative value)

Something to keep track of major Nicholas Cage movie releases throughout a calendar year (Random Calendar - $6 Assuming it’s a 2015 calendar)

Something that you could send to a loved one via the “Mail” (Google it) (Random Post Cards - $5)

& a Free Stocking Stinker

I guess I am the real cheapskate, because I am passing on this one.