Schug Carneros Chardonnay - Three Pack

Schug Carneros Chardonnay - Three Pack
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Condition: White
Product: 3 2007 Schug Carneros Chardonnay
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I would’ve made “Schug It Down!” as the story title.

Interesting contradictory CT comments on the '06:

  • It´s the perfect round, buttery, oaky CA chard that everybody loves to hate. (242 views)

  • Distinctive, almost Viognier-like floral characteristics and nice fruit. Not for the Oak & Butter crowd. (408 views)

Very intriguing stats. On one hand, this definitely looks like it got the full on oak, ML and sur lies action. But the TA is fairly high while pH and Brix are fairly low (relatively speaking). Definitely has the potential to be rich but fresh simultaneously, perhaps the best of both worlds.

Edit: Schug says very little ML.

Heh, that’s funny.

Schug supposedly makes their wines more in the European style, so I think the second review is more likely on target.

I hope we hear from the winery on this.

I’d buy some, but it won’t let me. I keep getting a server error.

Yeah. That. Please fix.

Sorry about that. Should be good now.

It works. Thanks.

I know it gets tiring to hear from people on every wine.woot listing but gotta love the absolute bs that is shipping restrictions. My state isn’t on the approved my list but I know that there are plenty of CA wineries that ship to it which makes me think that this winery isn’t doing all it can to sell to every state it can.

O****MG, Luke. At no previous point in my entire life has there been such a brief lapse between the pointing out of a problem and the offering of a solution. Do you also change light bulbs on front porches because if so I may have to ditch my current guy and instead begin stalking you. :wink:

Seriously, thanks for your help. Order is now in.

Licensing costs money, kao. Return on investment and all that. Find a wootlegger if you can. My deepest condolences if you can’t.

Ok, well first check out the descriptions at the Wine Spies, who just had this one to sell a few weeks ago for $20+postage. So this is a better deal. Read down the page: they do a good tasting profile, with words like smooth dry crisp, tropical…

Average lowest price i’ve seen is around $21.

Also, see Yelp for Schug Winery. Mostly good words about the wines themselves.

Here’s CTfor good measure.

Sorry for the anality, but unless you’re getting all spiritual on us, “the threat of immanent death” should read “imminent” instead.

Did a tasting there last Sept and liked all their stuff. Bought some Chard (and Pinot also). But can’t quite remember if it was a sonoma coast or carneros. I would wait till i get home to check, but it really doesn’t matter. this is a solid winery and i’m in for one.

We’ve been members of their wine club for years. Great stuff!

I can assure you that this Chardonnay is more accurately described in the latter of those two reviews. Tropical fruit with great acidity paired with a comparatively full-body makes for fun, food-friendly wine. Not much oak coming across.

What are the characteristics of a white wine that ages well? What happens to white wine as it ages? Any estimates on the ageability of this wine?

Shug is one of our stops when we’re in Sonoma, and I’d recommend their wines, especially at woot prices. Their tasting room has some pretty great views, and we were very well received there.

It’s been a while since I’ve had it, but I’d put this into the NOT for the oak and butter crowd bucket. Too fresh for that, and I think it’s too acidic to get that label. When we had it, I remember the fruit more than anything else. However, it is definitely a CA style chard - you’re not going to get it confused with something from the old world. Compared to some other CA producers, they are more old world though.

Everything I’ve had of their Carneros wines are good.

FWIW I think their reserve merlot and pinot would be must buys - their reserve merlot in particular is fantastic and highly recommended.

I’m a little on the fence because we have a lot of white right now, but I’m excited to see Shug on here (and not another site that they’re on frequently that doesn’t ship to NY)

Finally a nice white wine and it is not available for shipment to Connecticut. There is no justice.