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Shark Pocket Ultra Steam Blaster for Hard Surfaces [Refurbished] - $44.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Shark S3325-FS Pocket Ultra Steam Blaster

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I have the Shark steamer that comes in a bag and sells for a bit under $100 retail.

To call it a flaming pile of crap would be an insult to fires and crap.

Shark sandwich? Sh-t sandwich!

Here’s the manual

I have one of these that I bought new about two years ago for $100.

It works fantastic on cleaning the fridge, the grill etc… Make sure you have a towel handy though as the steam cools quickly and you will end up with water building up sometimes. Especially on irregular surfaces like the seal on the fridge door.

The only problem I’ve had is with the nylon brush. When you use it, the nylon softens from the heat. Then it dries in whatever shape it wants to. After a few uses, it starts to become kinda useless. I’ve replaced mine twice already.

Other than that, this is a great cleaning tool! I’ve recommended it to a couple friends…but they just borrow mine. At this price, there’s no excuse why they can’t buy their own!

Great deal compared to over here on Amazon.

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Here’s a review at mysteamcleaners.

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You said it. I bought on of these refurbed from Heartland America last summer for $29.95 and it worked once and conked out.

Looks like the recent reviews are not so good. Need a steam cleaner, but pass on this, g’night woot.

Phew! Now for a personal review (I bought this in the 5/10 Woot):

I got this for two reasons: 1) we have a DuraCeramic (Congoleum artificial ceramic tiles) floor in our kitchen that sees a lot of traffic, and 2) we were getting ready to remove some wallpaper in a bathroom.

The Blaster did a great job on the kitchen floor. We’ve had it cleaned once a month, but it still accumulated dirt and grime, and was looking pretty dingy. The surface of the tiles isn’t smooth, and the power of the steam was really needed to get into those shallow depressions.

A light cleaning helped a lot, and a second one with “elbow grease” really did the job.

On the other hand, the Blaster was nearly useless for getting the wallpaper down, although a another Wooter said it helped him. I guess it depends on how old the wallpaper paste is.

Well, those are the 2 reasons I bought the Blaster, but it’s come in handy in 2 unexpected ways also. The first is unsurprising - it does a great job on our slate hallway. But the surprise was that it actually got rid of some nasty pet stains on our carpet - hardly a “hard surface.”

Finally, there have been some questions about this product’s reliability. I can’t say we’ve “beaten on it,” but after 2 months of moderate use, it works like new, and we’ve already gotten our money’s worth out of it.

I would recommend this Woot.

I have had excellent results with the two Shark sweepers i bought, two years apart, on Woot. I am unhappy with the reviews of this steamer and I could use one on a grimy, sticky basement floor.
Does anyone have a referral for a different product?

I have heard Downy and other such products are the best for removing wallpaper. I am surprised steam didn’t work at all.

In my previous house, the builder put the wallpaper directly on the drywall with no size or sealer prep. It was impossible to remove. We ended up papering/painting over it.


Is this safe to use on pre-stained solid hardwood floors?

the stain has nothing to do with it. depends on what the finish is on top of the stain. I would imagine most commercially available prefinished hardwood flooring finishes should handle a portable steamer with no problems but always start in an area thats covered or not so highly visible and test first.

What about the grout in between the tiles? Is there any adapter available for this? The bissel brand has a very nice vertical cleaning adapter. I wonder if the Shark has the same?

Make sure you use distilled water or if you have access to a laboratory you can use deionized water.

If your tap water is “soft,” you’ll be okay with it.

One caveat: in a high-traffic room, the finish may be worn down in places, and you could get fooled by testing in an out-of-the-way spot. However, as long as you look for it, the wear should be pretty easy to detect.