Shirt Derby: Friday, September 28, 2007



[edit]I see your point Jack.

Thoughts on the theme?


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you guys don’t need to post the blog entry…it kicks into the initial post soon enough.


Hey JoelTerrif

I’m not necessarily planning on doing this, but what about shirts rejected for being off-topic in past derbies, can those be resubmitted?

Sorry to be anal retentive, believe me I love the no resubmit deal, but I have had a couple of popular shirts not get a fair run at the prize in the past.

EDIT AWESOME theme by the way, I have high hopes for the entries!


Past Derby Results:

Inside each ZIP file is a saved page and folder containing all of the assorted images and whatnot that go on the page. If you are running Firefox and would like to do this for yourself, just load the derby after it’s done, and go to "File : Save Page As " and then name the file “DerbyXX.html” (XX = derby number). Be sure your format is set to “Web Page, complete.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to start doing this until Derby #6.


So pretty soon I’ll be starting the long process of reworking my wife and my website to make an online portfolio for her photos.

If anyone has his a roadblock while thinking of shirt designs for the new theme (or if you’re just plain bored), check out our engagement adventure here


Sweet theme…no words = artistic entries.


For some reason this is how I saw the first part of your statement.

Cool pictures. I like how there’s bragging about bringing a knife onto the plane.


You can’t bring 2 oz. of liquid onto a plane now, and yet I got a 5 in. hunting knife past two US security checkpoints… glad to see my tax dollars are being well spent.


This by no means the final product… Just wanted to get some input on the idea and if people would actually wear it…

Can you figure out what it actually “says”? Technically it NOT letters. :slight_smile:

Concrete barcode City:


I like it, but it’s too big for me. I personally like the smaller designs that don’t take up the entire shirt.

I know they can’t do two sided designs, but what about designs just on the back? I’m more partial to designs this size being on the back than the front. I’m still not sure I’d wear it when it’s that big, even on the back. Although, depending on what it “says,” if it’s a good inside joke, it’d be fun just to see if people ask questions.

So I guess the answer is both yes, and no.


Oh sick I can’t wait to get started…
And now finished!


Just curious, and this may be a stupid question, but I can’t find an answer anywhere: Can the submission be a photograph? I have a really sweet pic I took that I would like to submit because it suits the theme perfectly, but also, I won’t to avoid looking like a dumb-ass. Which I’m afraid it’s already too late for anyhow.


not directly. There is a six color limit (including black and white) as well as a no-gradient rule.

what you can do is go into adobe illustrator and “trace paths” using six colors, or you can manually trace the image in the editing software of your choice, adding colors where they need to go.


Ah, well… That won’t work for this one. It gets to be unintelligible. If it didn’t violate all the guidelines, I’d submit this:


So how many NY Skylines and 9-11 salutes will there be? Id say ~25%

Wonder who is gonna take the idea woot gave out, a tree growing in the concrete. its a neat idea if the right person does it. Like a Busy city intersection with a tree popping out of the intersection and cars hanging in the tree… Im sure if Cho was here he could do it… I know Im not talented enough.


Wow, that’s a sweet photo! I really like it, very nicely done! :slight_smile:


very cool

you gots some mad talent.


Gorgeous pic. The idea isn’t bad for a shirt design either: an inverted building or skyline through the view of a puddle.