Shirt Derby: Friday, August 17, 2007

The Derby is open for voting! To submit your own design, go to the submission page. For more details about the Derby, see our FAQ. Also, make sure you check out the rule changes explained below.

Derby #4: Maps

Where would we be without maps? Well, that's hard to answer without a map. From the parchment scribblings of the ancients to the backlit mall kiosks of today, maps have led humanity to where it is today. But don't hold that against them.

New Rule Alert! New Rule Alert!

Hey, check these out before you submit anything. A few minutes of your attention now will save us all some heartbreak later.

This week only: no shirts on black or asphalt tees. They’re getting a little boring.
You can now revoke your votes by clicking “Take It Back” in the same location where you previously clicked “I’d Want One”.
No printing on the backs of shirts. Two-sided designs will be disqualified.
Not a new rule exactly, but again: do not just pluck an image (like a map) from somebody else and slap it on your shirt. For instance, this week, anything that even looks like it came from Google Maps, Mapquest, a Rand McNally atlas, etc. will be disqualified, period, the end. We’re taking no chances and giving no quarter. If you don’t like this rule, learn to draw.

gl everyone

I like the “take it back” new feature, but still would like to have the votes hidden altogether…

I guess “Take it Back” is the only ‘baby step’ we get in the lunacy of the voting/submission process. :frowning: I don’t even recall that being a seriously discussed option. Now all you’ll get is yahoos voting for the top designs they dislike, then retracting their votes just as voting ends.

I’ll second that emotion.

damn those… yahoos.

Geez…I didn’t even think of that ridiculous twist on vote/result manipulation.

I’m waiting for Map Pucker

Might as well air it up front. That possibility was discussed when similar options were tossed around in past weeks (e.g. “Do Not Want”, 1-5 rating, Unvote…). IMHO, this doesn’t fix the voting issues, it just gives the warring factions a new weapon to use. I didn’t/don’t really understand the real-world use-case for ‘unvote’ to begin with unless there was an actual committed purchase tied to the vote and/or the number of votes a person could cast was limited.

(lo****l at the bold)
Clarification request. The source sites you mentioned provide copyrighted imagery. Is the use of public domain imagery (e.g. most NASA images, I believe) verboten as well?

Sad to see the only change to the voting system is the ability to take away votes, this will also make it easier to attempt a tie. I’d be interested in the reasoning behind not wanting to implement delayed voting, seems to me that giving designers the weekend to perfect a design chalks a win in everyone’s column.

That being said, good luck to all the designers, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

I think hiding the votes would better solve a lot of these issues, rather than ‘unvoting’, but maybe I’m not thinking that one far enough ahead.

dang… i was going to give this one a try but the darn PSD keeps crashing my Photoshop. I guess gone are the days when 1 Gig of memory is enough…

holylord… this should be renamed shirt.woot.BETA !! What’s with limiting the color of tee’s!!! FTLOG! ::shakes head:: Did you say “running out”? Are we in a third world country? Why do you care if a shirt color is boring?! If it’s running out… obviously it’s either popular or undersupplied… if it sells mmmm SELL IT! “things have taken a turn for the surreal.”

Someone wrote that maybe the theme could be announced when the winner is on Thursday… then open for submissions on Friday; that could work.

sry didn’t mean this

Vote for me!

It turns out we miscalculated about running out of black and asphalt shirts. We’re well-stocked for the foreseeable future. But believe it or not, sometimes demand outstrips supply, even in America. We can’t just magically wish shirts into existence. Somebody has to make them, sew our tags into them, and ship them to us. This takes time. We print the shirts the day after they appear on the site, so we need a supply of shirts ready before we go to press. A run on a certain color may introduce a delay into the process.

You should apply for a job at Nintendo or Sony. I’m sure they could’ve used your wisdom when they launched the Wii and the PS3 and couldn’t keep them in stock. I guess they’re “Third World” companies.

Indeed, it is surreal the lengths to which some people will go to find something to complain about. We limited the shirt color this time because we want some variety in the offerings here, and things were starting to get a little monochromatic. Believe it or not, it’s not all about sales. But we’re confident the winner of this Derby will sell out the way every other one has, anyway.

On a more positive note: Good Job Woot on the “take back my vote” button… Excellent improvement. Now we don’t have to wait till Thursday @ 11:55AM to vote - we can vote as shirts are submitted…but if a better one comes a long …(like in derby 2) we can amend that so that our true favorite wins… in the mean time… good shirts get votes… but the favorites will win! Voter likey! Artists hatey

It’s FUN!! You can vote and unvote (so far it seems) unlimited times for any design. We can have a mass vote for one design, then a mass unvote for the same design. 10th to 3rd to 45th, all in 5 minutes…SUCH FUN!!

ha ha…good luck getting wooters to “mass” agree to anything…