Shirts Missing from Catalog


Hiya Woot! Some of my recent shirts that were in side sales haven’t made their way back to my catalog yet. Can you give a hand please?


Hey krittikae, we are aware of this issue and you are not the only one affected. We have a ticket in with our dev team to identify and fix the issue and I’ll keep you guys updated as we learn more, but as of right now we do not have a resolution. Our apologies and we are doing everything we can to get it fixed as quickly as possible!


Never a problem. I just noticed it as I was ordering an older shirt as a replacement. Thanks for the update!


I think one of mine went astray… found it with google but can’t search for it and it doesn’t show up by title or under my username.

Tagging @Lady5tark



Not sure if you had seen, but your offers are back in the catalog.

@acraigl yours is too.


Confirmed. Thanks @Lady5tark!
Is there any way to figure out if other have gone astray? Or do we just need to catch them?


Unfortunately I don’t have a way to tell if any shirts that should be in the catalog are not showing up. We rely on the artists to manage their own catalog and make sure their own designs are posting correcting.

With a catalog of over 10,000 designs it is just too much for us to manage alone!


With a catalog of 130+ I couldn’t tell you if one was missing or not unless I was looking for it specifically (as was the case here). I can’t imagine how someone like @walmazan could possibly do it, let alone me.


Oh, well in THAT case, I’m missing these currently:

I keep a photo album of all my shirts on my Facebook page. It makes it easy to keep count and find out if any are missing. Thanks!


Thank you, working on getting them back!


Not at all urgent given the seasonality of the design, but this recent side-sale shirt is missing from my catalog:





These ones are missing from my catalog


A few from recent sales are missing from my catalog


This one hasn’t made it back to the catalog since Christmas. Thanks!


These have been fixed! :slight_smile:


Got this one fixed for ya! :slight_smile:


Apologies for the extremely delayed response, but wanted to let you know that these are all good now :slight_smile:


Here’s some recently discovered missing ones from my catalog: