Tercero Mixed 2007 Grenache - 3 Pack

Tercero Mixed 2007 Grenache - 3 Pack
$61.99 + $5 shipping
1 2007 Cuvee Christie
1 2007 Watch Hill Grenache
1 2007 Camp 4 Grenache
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All positive reviews on CT. Not too sure if the pricing is all that great. $30 each from the winery, but much cheaper when searched on the net. Camp 4 ($18). Cuvee Christie ($21). Watch Hill ($30).I might need a nudge to press the yellow button.

Good morning, all! Hope you’re having a GREAT Grenache Day . . . . and ask away any questions you may have . . .

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Morning Larry! (hope the coffee is holding up!). I had the pleasure of tasting these wines at your Los Olivos tasting room… Each was a different, unique expression of Grenache… Can you comment on that?

Its a 3-pack, more like $20.67 each or $22.33 each with shipping…

One of my favorite Santa barbara based small wineries is municipal winemakers. Dave potter the winemaker makes a GSM style red called Bright Red which also uses fruit from the camp 4 vineyard. Have you had any vintages of this particular wine and if so can you compare And contrast this camp 4 offer with his wine. I have had several vintages now and can use it for a baseline.


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Though I work with a number or rhone varieties, grenache is by far my favorite - and I like to work with it from both cool and warm climate vineyards. Camp 4 is a warmer climate vineyard, so this wine will tend to have a bit brighter aromas, focusing on the strawberry, light cherry and spice side. And Watch Hill is a cooler climate site, and therefore the flavors lean more towards dark raspberry. Both of these grenaches are 100% grenache, and I included 25% whole clusters on each during fermentation . . .

I also love grenache in blends, and my 07 Cuvee Christie shows off what it can add when blended with Syrah and Mourvedre. It lifts the aromas of all the varieties and really makes them soar, in addition to adding a touch of ‘sweeter’ fruit (not sugar sweet, though) . .

Hopes that explains a bit at least . . .

I know Dave quite well, having worked side by side with him for about 5 years, and having tasted all of his releases (we’re also 1/2 of the 4 winemakers that make up Thread, by the way).

My grenache is quite different than his blend, having a touch more richness and a different flavor profile. The Cuvee Christie is quite different - my blend is richer and bolder than his offerings, for it is heavier on syrah and his tends to be heavier on ‘lighter’ varieties . . .

Hope that helps . . .

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By the way, I’m extremely excited to be taking part in a woot offering for my wines finally and be able to get on here and talk about them - instead of for wines I helped make for others (-:


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Again, most wineries have limited resources, so it depends on where they (or their distributors) have the most sales. And where the state doesn’t create too much of a burden.